Friday, November 21, 2008

To ‘Joey.’

Pin It I know you’re reading this, because I know you come here.

I know you feel horrible about where you are right now in life. Seems like you’re in that place again, doesn’t it? However, ask yourself the question: Are you doing better than you were yesterday? Than you were last week?

I know you are. I know you’re trying.

We all slip, we all stumble. Every time you fall, get right back up again, dust yourself off, recommit, and get going again. Wallowing in a pool of self-pity and despair does nothing for anybody—including yourself.


mywest said...

Great wisdom...self-pity, despair and feeling of worthiness leads us away from where we need to be.
Love, DAD

K.J. said...

That is what I needed to hear...I don't want to hear it, but I needed it. Thanks! I am struggling lately with so many different issues, and that pretty much kicked me in the pants. It was an eye opener for me.
Thanks again!

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