Saturday, November 15, 2008

Will you do it?

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Will you take the challenge?

Every year I challenge my class. I challenge them to turn off their TVs sets, video games, and all gaming systems along with abstaining from attending movies. In the place of these things I challenge them to spend more time with their families, playing outside, reading, writing, and enjoying the company of their friends.

We call this the “Turn off the TV and Get a Life” challenge—an idea I picked up a few years ago from John Bytheway. This will be the 8th year of my class taking this challenge, and I’d like to know if you’d take part in it with us.

Could you do it?

I will be honest…there are a few day when I come home from school, beaten and tired and want nothing more than the brainless eye-candy of the tube, but for this week, no matter how badly I want to watch a program, I won’t.

Those students who are successful with this endeavor will celebrate their accomplishment on Tuesday, November 25th with a pajama day and afternoon party. What IS the party? Well, I call it, “Saturday Morning Cartoons.”

Remember the days before cable television when one of the only times cartoons were even on was Saturday morning? Remember getting up at the crack of dawn so you didn’t miss a single one?

So do I.

The kids, like I said before, are permitted to wear pajamas, bring pillows and blankets, and are to bring their favorite box of cereal to share.

If you are successful, you are more than welcome to join my class and me in our celebration. Whether it be with us physically in our classroom—or from afar in spirit.

So, will you do it?


K.J. said...

I remember when both of my older kids did that. It was a lot of fun! It sure is an eye opener for the kids!

Lydia said...

Kory came home yesterday all excited for the challenge. Just like when Arrie did it, the whole family will give it a try to make it easier on Kory.

Miya said... blog I need a screen and a power switch! :'(

I actually can't stand TV except for the occasional weekend movie. I prefer to read, write, draw, make stuff, or crochet when I get home from school! :)

Anonymous said...

I would - it just so happen Twilight is coming out. :-) Good luck with the project - let us know how it goes

Deo Volente said...

Even though nothing could ever replace “Duck Presents” I would not last a week without MSNBC.

Gerb said...

I can blog? Whew. Count us in, then!

summer said...

A week without TV - absolutely! Great idea....I don't watch any, but I will need to work on the kids...sometimes I send them downstairs to watch a show if they get up too early...confessions of a sleep deprived mother who stays up too late blogging anyway! Bacially - yes we are in. I may even work to limit my computer usage this week in trade for not really caring about the TV part! Thanks for the reminder of how to spend some quality time doing better things!

annette said...

"But of course..." she replies timidly. Ahh, how could I let Red Pepper down?

I've even printed your poster on this blog to go onto our TV =)

If we are sucessful, I may even join you and said class next Tues.(although I don't think anyone wants to share my cereal- Raisin bran Total!)

Teachinfourth said...

KJ - It's amazing just how much free time you find you have when you cut out TV and video games.

Lydia - Thanks for doing it with does make it easier.

Meem - Blogging NEEDS to be exempt.

VS - I know I'll make for "Twilight," it will be there in a week...

DV - That's what Tivo is all about, right?

Gerb - You are a trooper. You may also come and celebrate with those who made it if you'd like.

LoS - Do what you can, when you can...I plan to do as Annette did and hang a few of the posters I made in the classroom.

Nettle - Rock on, sister. I know that RP probably wouldn't mind...

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