Wednesday, March 11, 2009

April 11, 2009

Pin It As a general rule, I try to blog each day.

Yet, at times I have nothing I want to share with the world; hence, my sporadically deficient communication over the past few days.

Not that there isn’t blog-worthy materials, it’s just that I don’t feel inclined to share any of it.

Am I selfish?

Yeah, probably.


Lydia said...

You have the right to hold on to your own thoughts, thanks for sharing what you do share with the rest of us.

K.J. said...

When you do is awesome stuff!

mywest said...

Son, you have a lot of Jesse in least your not worried about cyberstalkers yet. I have had some interesting off-line talks with Jesse and sounds like I will be seeing him this summer... I will let Jesse update you as he is trying to put something together...(^_^) Love, DAD

cari said...

How selfish! Just kidding!!! I totally understand (just look at my silly blog!) Enjoy all your secrets!

Do you ever photograph large groups (like 30+)? My mom is looking for a photographer for our whole family (13 adults + 19 kids teenagers down to newborn). Could you let me know and what you charge for such a large group? My email is Thanks!

The Scotts said...

April? 11, 2009?


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