Tuesday, March 24, 2009

It was Friday night

Pin It The entire fifth-grade had been invited back to the school in order to take part in the fifth grade ‘late-nighter’ from 5:00 until 10:00.

The kids were having a great time. We dressed in pajamas, ate cold cereal, read picture books, played math and language games against each other, played ‘Star Wars’ in the school gym, and had even set up a ‘big screen’ movie of HOLES.

Overall, it was a great evening.

It was nearly 9:00 when I stepped out of the movie to put a few things away; I was walking down the school hallway when I heard the noise.

It sounded like an elephant running across the roof.

I went outside to investigate, and heard nothing.

I had a feeling that I should walk the exterior of the building to make sure that nobody was really on the roof; it was at this point that my cell phone rang.

It was my friend, Jaqus. I told her what I’d heard, and what I was doing.

“Are you CRAZY?” she shrieked into the receiver. “Don’t you EVER watch movies? You NEVER go outside where the killer is! You stay inside and wait for them to find YOU!”

Just what I needed to hear as I was walking around a dark building which, consequently, has one side located in the suburbs, while the other side is classified as being in ‘farmland.’

Yes, it was dark.

As I walked around the building I suddenly saw the three long boards huddled together in a corner, and a school ladder leaned up against the building inside the small, fenced-in storage area.

It was only a second before I knew what to do.

I jumped the containment fence and took the ladder down. I quickly gathered up the long boards and other ‘vandalism’ items which had been sitting with them.

I took the items inside the school, notified another teacher what was going on, and called the police.

In a matter of three or four minutes, two officers arrived; soon after a third came as well.

The ladder was put back up against the school, and two of the officers ascended the rungs to the rooftop.

They found the four miscreants who’d climbed to the roof for only heaven knows what.

When the fire truck arrived to get the teens down, a few parents and neighbors had gathered to watch the proceedings. The teens were carefully helped from the roof and were then taken into custody.

By now it was 10:00 and parents were arriving, picking up their children from the night’s activity.

As I moved to the front of the school, I greeted parents as they thanked us for the fun activity for their children. Little did they know just how much fun I’d had, unbeknownst to practically everyone else.

This is one late-nighter I’ll never forget.


cari said...

Geeze! What's going on at our quiet little school? I wonder if they had anything to do with Sunday night?

mywest said...

Just wondering....why didn't the Amazing-Z-man just fly up on the roof and check it out? I know there is a good reason for not doing this but like I said I was just wondering?

Panama Jones said...

When I was a senior in high school it was my responsibility to lock up our church building. Needless to say, it was sometimes a bit creepy to walk around the dark halls, making sure everyone was out and all the doors were locked.

One night as I finished up I opened up my car door and climbed in. Upon shutting the door a hand grabbed me from behind. Scared out of my wits, I began pummelling my would-be-attacker. "It's me, it's me," cried out an equally frightened voice. My friend had seen my car and decided to play a gag on me. My reaction was more than he expected. I decided not to kill him and he decided not to hide in my car again.

annette said...

You didn't know if they were dangerous, but you didn't want them to get away, either. So, you took away the ladder, keeping them trapped until the police arrived. Brilliant! You are definitely one smart cookie! I'm glad you played the super hero, but sad that we never got to visit and catch up that night because you were, well, occupied. I think I need a raincheck.

Meg said...

This is insane! What is going on at your school?!

smalltoes said...

oh that's a great story. I love that you took down the ladder.

Linn said...

Okay, I know it was a serious post, but I happen to be laughing my head off at the thought of what those kids on the roof were thinking when you took away the ladder. That is just awesome!

Gerb said...

Did you get a ride in the firetruck?

Kris said...

Um you do the math.....put two and two together.....Did this have anything to do with Monday?????

007penguin said...

Wow, you really are a superhero!

Lydia said...

Kory was sad he missed the late nighter but it look like it may have been for the best.

Jayne said...

That is such a fun thing you did with the kids.


How awesome that the teens happened to choose that same night to vandalize! So great you caught them!

Teachinfourth said...

C - No, totally different incident. The kids were just being dorks...they weren't there to steal anything.

MW - Gotta maintain that secret identity, you know?

PJ - LOL. Glad you didn't have a heart attack!

A - When you don't know what it could be, it is a bit unnerving. Thanks again for the 'transference' of technology.

M - I think it was only a matter of time, you know...that time just happened.

ST - I feel that it was a bit of inspiration.

L - I was trying to think what they must have been thinking, too.

G - Unfortunately, no. Ah well, maybe next time.

K - Nope. These kids couldn't have orchestrated what happened inside the school...

007 - Shhhhh. Don't tell anyone.

L - Nah. The kids inside were in no danger whatsoever. In fact, most of them don't even know what happened.

J - It was a lot of fun; I'm hoping to make it a tradition each year with the 5th grade (or whatever grade I'm assigned to each year).

jacs said...

what is it with you, the police, and late nights at the school? i sense a pattern...

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