Thursday, March 19, 2009

The container was empty

Pin It I realized this, with a rush of horror.

I’d been allotting myself small amounts since I’d noticed my supply slowly dwindling down. I knew that if I were careful, I would be able to make it to the weekend.

I’d make the necessary stop on Saturday, and pick up a fresh supply.

Victory was inevitable…that is, until I entered the store.
You can imagine my surprise when I discovered that they no longer carried it.

“That’s been discontinued since back in August.” One salesman told me. “If it were really that important to you, perhaps you should have bought some back then instead of waiting until now.”

I gazed at the man silently for a beat. “I did,” I replied. “I bought eight containers of it back in July.”

He looked taken aback, undoubtedly, his little comment backfired…after all, I had purchased said amount back then…however, if only I’d known…I’d have bought a case. No, make it two cases.

I won’t say that I didn’t panic at this point, because I did.

But just a little bit.

Could there be a substitute? I perused among the various product offered. This one was too goopy. That one was too hard. Those were too runny. These smelled funny.
In the end I felt at a loss, and I bought something which I was positive wouldn’t be nearly as good. I was right. It made me miss the old days and times of plenty.

I even hit several other stores which should have carried it, however, they didn’t. I was almost ready to throw caution to the wind and purchase it from Ebay…despite the horrendous costs they were charging for shipping—even for just one container.

Thankfully it was then that I had a friend who pointed me in the right direction. Did you know that you can buy gel online and not on Ebay?

Neither did I...

I guess I got a bit carried away…however, about 7 days later the box arrived.
I bought 10.
After all, there are some things in life which are vital. This is one of them.


Jean Jones said...

Don't mess with a guy and his hair glue eh?

Stephen T said...

You make me laugh! I thought I was the only one with this much vanity!

MindyElias said...

So I know exactly what you mean! My dad has been using the same thing on his hair for some crazy amount of years. He loves it. Well they discontinued it and he freaked. Nothing was the same. So thanks to the internet, I found that they sell them in Australia. So I ordered him a dozen and it cost more to ship than the actual product. And when he opened that box, I truly thought he was going to cry and laugh and jump up and down.

All for a hair product.

So I get ya :)


annette said...

Well, when you have a style that is known by literally all, you do what you must do.

♥Miya said...

Whenever I was to experiment with hair supplies, eBay is always the way to go...much cheaper that way.

Anonymous said...

i noticed no mention of the crying like a baby....

Gerb said...

Glad it came... I hate to see a man without his hair glue.

Emily said...

I have a question: what do people do when you take these pictures in the store? When I take pictures in public places I get some odd looks; I've even had people ask me to stop! Just wondering.....I love your photojournals...and often think of the journey it took to get them :)

Teachinfourth said...

Jean - Say that again. Gotta enjoy it while I have hair.

ST - Nope, there's more people.

ME - You're a good daughter to do that.

A - Vanity knows no limits.

M - This time it wasn't...unfortunately.

AN - Hmmmmm, don't seem to recall tears. Whining? Yes.

G - Me too.

EM - They smile. I've not had anyone tell me not to take photos lately. Maybe it's because I'm so devilishly handsome.

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