Sunday, March 22, 2009


Pin It The first streaks of early morning sunlight leisurely reached through the eastern windows of the room. Bit by bit, the rays began to steal back nearer to the window from whence they shone, as the sun outside ascended higher over the chiseled crags and rocky promontories of the massive eastern mountains.

Slowly, insidiously, oh most gently, it bathed all it touched in golden warmth.

I moved into this unsullied light and closed my eyes, feeling it envelop me.

It was then that came the darker hues of shadowed light, as the clouds gathered in heavy clusters overhead, bringing with them the brief torrent; a gift from heaven.

Let it rain.


Michelle said...

I wish we would of got rain, we just got a few sprinkles to make my clean car dirty!!! I am glad to hear that the headaches might be cured that would be wonderful. I hope you have your calander marked for May 9th! Love ya!

Gerb said...

Those ominous clouds over the mountains yesterday were awesome, weren't they? I'm hoping for a nice downpour today.

Beautiful words.

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