Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The decision

Pin It Dear blogging friends,

I sit on the threshold of a decision.

You see, my sister showed up not too long ago with this magazine advertisement for a photography contest. According to the official rules, a photographer is allowed to enter this contest and ‘showcase’ a sampling of images which summate their photography experiences.

So, I have a decision. I have to pick approximately 12 images to submit should I choose to do this. However, there is a problem. You see, I feel that my photos are like children, I simply cannot choose a few of them as my favorites without offending all of the others.

Now comes the favor…

Would you help me to decide?

Now, this doesn’t have to be painful…in fact, you could just let me know (if you have a minute and feel so inclined) which of the shots from my photography website (or this blog) is your favorite(s). Oh yeah, if they don’t have a name (such as on this blog) would you just briefly describe them?

Thanks, in advance.


P.S. Sorry I’m not all that eloquent tonight…after 6 hours of parent-teacher conferences, I feel like I am going to drop.


mywest said...

Wow this is hard, but I have selected all across the board.
Photo wed site:
Mother and children in field with 60's look and Dreams.
Miya leaning against a log home column.
No body home and Autumn window.
Riverwalk, The mountain, Goblin desert.
Bells 2
Tug of war, Baseball pitch, Tea Party

Holms TP said...

OK OK OK I know this is more than 12, but there were so many to choose from!

Bells 2
Frosty Seat
Evening Comes
Timpanogos 2
Campground Flower
Journey to Heaven!!!!!
Empty Barn
Morning light 2
Old Barn sunset
Nobody Home

From the blog
Jan 20 2009 7th picture down,
*blue paint peeling from wall
*Can of jelly on brunt table
*Last picture, Doorknob
Feb 4 2009
*3rd and 4th photos

Meg said...

Evening Comes
Southern Utah. 2008.

Coral Sands Lightning
Coral Sands State Park, Ut. 2008.

Gerb said...

Okay, I have really narrowed it down...
-Evening Comes
-Nobody Home
-Broken Windows

then from your blog:
2/23/09 picture #2
2/19/09 picture #15 :)
1/21/09 (San Rafael)picture #7 & 8
1/20/09 (Hiawatha)picture #6 & 11
1/3/09 (Arctic) #1
11/30/08 (Home) #3

Keep in mind that I know nothing about what makes a good photograph. I only know that these are some of my favorites.

Kris said...

Here we go..
Farm morning
Nobody home
Doors and windows
Journey to Heaven
Evening comes
Danielle Bride face
children; 12, 17 pitch and mitt
Family: all in the car, got hop, and Sedgewick.
Yearbook first Miya picture.
Hiawatha 4 and that lit tree picture that I cannot find.
I would buy all these.

Meg said...

I also have to agree with everyone else and say Nobody Home is a great one, too.

♥Miya said...

Coral Sands Lightning

Both the doorknobs are great too.

Gerb said...

Forgot to add one of my other favorites:
-Doors and Windows

Linn said...

Yikes, this was no easy task. And please don't be frightened by my number of choices.

Desert Canyon Tree
Goblin Sunset
Journey to Heaven
Touching Down
Doors and Windows
Nobody home
Morning approaches
Old Cars
Rusted Barbs
Evening Comes

And from the blog:

02/23/09: #4, #6
01/21/09: #7, #9
01/20/09: #6, #11, #14, #37
01/04/09: #4
01/03/09: #8
12/30/08: #1, #10
12/29/08: #1, #8
12/07/08: #1

Good luck! I am beyond impressed with your photography.

And no hurry or pressure on that story, but I am definitely looking forward to it (linnallen AT gmail DOT com). Thanks!

Deo Volente said...

I must say all your work is exceptional but if I had to pick a few here are my choices...

Farm morning,

Evening Sunflower,
The mountain

Windmill sunset,
morning fence

Bride (close up with flowers)

Little girl in red Jacket
in red truck.
Close up of curly hair girl
in black.
Girl with turtle earring
leaning against the pole.

Chris said...

Great idea, I think this is the best way to get an un-subjective view on this.

Mamma has spoken said...

I liked the one under October 1st where there are three kids walking in a field with their backs to the camera. Enjoyed looking at your photos, you do a great job!

Danielle said...

I'm so excited for you to do this!! Anything you pick will do great!!

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