Saturday, October 2, 2010

Media of the Week - Holding On

Pin It I drove to work yesterday.

As I did, I turned on the radio; the song that blasted from the speakers was one I’d first heard back in the days of living in Washington State when life was far simpler than it is now.

I turned it up and rolled down the windows, finding myself singing along with this particular tune, and listening closely to the lyrics as I drove.

I smiled.

When I arrived at school, I took a piece of chalk and wrote on the sidewalk where my class lines up each day:
Smile, it’s a new day.

My class met me that morning when I picked them up nearly an hour later with huge grins and all quoting the line from the asphalt, like a popular catchphrase from a hit movie.

I laughed.

Every time I picked them up, they all smiled big, cheesy smiles and gave a dozen repeats of the catchphrase.

After a full day with my 28 students - and some nine hours later - I was feeling spent and ready to go home. I climbed into my car, and as I turned on the ignition, the same radio station was playing the song again.

How is THAT for uncanny?

And what a wonderful message it has to give as a reminder to us all.

If you'd like a more 'upbeat' version, try this one out…

Could I also just mention that I love this one, too?


Sue said...

Great story!

(It made me smile.)


Cheeseboy said...

Maybe the CD was on "repeat"?

I love when that happens. I hate when a song I hate comes on and I change the station and that station is playing the same crappy song!

You are very wise and thoughtful to your students.

Joan said...

What a great message for your critters. I think I will steal it the idea and post in the hall where they line up every morning. =)

Btw, loved that song and video and the remake of "go your own way" is great. I never saw that one.

tammy said...

Great song with a great message.

I hear the same song a lot, but usually it's because Connor wants to listen to Linkin Park's New Divide every time we get in the car.

Marnie said...

Oh I love when things like that happen. It's almost like a sign or something.

You have 28 children to teach in your class? WOW that is a big class. Where I live teachers aren't allowed classes any bigger than 20. You must be wiped at the end of the day!

Rachel said...

Normally I like remix but this one, not so much.

So fun. I haven't thought of Wilson Phillips in years! I remember when this song came out. I wanted my hair to look like hers so bad! Me and my curly hair...... Fun memories.

Good song and good message!

Kalei's Best Friend said...

I bet your students loved that message...Lucky them..

Miss Griffiths said...

Thanks - I loved the Wilson Phillips version...back in the 80's...

T said...

WA state was simpler because their max class size is like 19... or at least it was in the teensy little town I lived in! aaaaah, wait... nope, I only vaguely miss those days (for us they were anything but simple... the traffic was horrid!!!)

Nuttley said...

Ah... I love the nostalgia this drug up. Thanks for making me smile too.

M-Cat said...

I prolly would have liked school a whole lot more if my teachers had left notes in sidewalk chalk!

Good job

FabuLeslie said...

Oh gosh! I was thinking of your media of the week today when my run wrapped up. I have the song Drive by Incubus as my cool down song, and I listened to the lyrics closely today, and felt so inspired! I thought, maybe I should blog about this. And maybe I will. Or maybe I will just let you know you inspired me to do that, even if I don't.

Lori said...

I have never heard their version of "Go Your Own Way" it! Isn't the difference in Carnie Wilson btw the two videos amazing?

On another note, I love "signs" like this. I clearly remember, years ago, driving back home from my Grandpa's funeral. He had had Alzheimers, and it was a difficult few years before his passing. "Tears in Heaven" came on the radio. I could not imagine a more appropriate song. It was brilliant.

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