Wednesday, July 27, 2011

This is the Place Heritage Park

Pin It While Trent and I were in Utah last week we went to - This Is The Place Heritage Park.
It was so much fun. I haven't been there since Trent was just a baby, and, of course, he doesn't remember it so I really wanted to take him there.

There is so much more there now than there was just a few years ago - a really fun, interactive village.

Sidenote: It is located on Sunnyside drive in SLC right across the street from the Hogle Zoo and WAYYYYYY too close to U of U territory for Trent and I! We passed through campus and shot at the Utah signs with our "finger guns" as we drove along - Ha Ha!!!

What a goofball!

We loved looking at all the old homes. It was fun to have the people dressed up.
When we stopped at the barbershop he told us he had went to school and could cut hair or perhaps pull a tooth if we liked. We no likey!

I adored seeing all the wash on the line - although I am glad for my dryer.

Trent especially loved the animals. We spent alot of time with them.

There was an indian village where we explored different indian dwellings and he made an arrowhead necklace.

The hospital was fascinating with it's old fashioned tools like a hack saw - Ouch!
Also, it's rows of beds with quilts.

We stopped into the schoolhouse where Trent wrote his name on a slate and then with other children they stood and recited multiplication facts.

When the teacher discovered that Trent had forgotten his homework he had to sit in the front of the class with a Dunce cap on.

He said he would never forget it again!

A prospector named Digger allowed Trent to pan for gold on his land. Trent found quite a few nuggets which he was required to turn over to Digger, but Digger was a fair man and let Trent take home a few as pay for his work.

I love being able to spend one on one time with Trent and not being in a rush so he can enjoy some of the things he wants to do. It was a good day!

I know I promised never to do this again, Cherie...and this will be the last time...really; this time I REALLY mean it...


Cherie said...

OH HELL - You are killing me!!! I seriously cannot stop laughing - I will never get to sleep tonight.

Gerb said...

Well... I for one am completely confused. But, hey - it looks like you made Cherie's day!

Joan said...

Great pictures but the entire I was reading I know it wasn't your "voice". ;)

Kristina P. said...

I knew I had seen this somewhere!!

Oilfield Trash said...

That place looks pretty cool.

I really like historical places.

Pedaling said...

You and Trent look great together.
I like the longer hair-do and everything.
Sounds like a fabulous day!

Shawna said...

I am glad everyone had fun.... but I kept wondering who had hijacked your blog, because that certainly wasn't you writing it!

Rachel said...

Okay, that totally creeped me out. Not your photog and the voice was..... THIS WAS CREEPY OKAY?

You'd think there was a rooster trying to pass itself off as a hen in the hen house or something!!!!


Cheryl said...

So did you see the framed photo of the back of Brigham Young's head? That is what inspired the family photo on my blog. We actually used it as our Christmas card photo in '09.

Valerie said...

Next to Cherie's "Oh Hell" post, this has got to be the funniest thing ever! Enough to bring me out of lurking even!!!
My first thought: "Why is everyone going to Heritage Park all of a sudden?"
Second thought: "Seem to be a lot of kids named Trent...wait a minute, wait a minute..." (Yeah, it took me that long!)

Teachinfourth said...

You guys probably realized that this post was in regard to a recent post that Cherie made on her blog about people 'borrowing' her ideas and photos without due credit/comments/and the like.

It was late.

I couldn't resist.

I added links, but I think I still confused some people....well, based on the emails.

I'm glad you guys recognized my writing voice, photography style, and one or two of you was lured out of 'lurkdom.'

Welcome to my world.

Rachel said...

It was weird. It was creepy. I read the links. I got it. :D It was funny. But it was weird and creepy first. :D

Lindzena said...

I had no idea there was that much stuff up there!! I need to head up that way sometime soon.

M-Cat said...

LMAO - and I can use the A word if Cherie is gonna say hell.

Well, actually you already know I say worse.

Hysterical of you!! And it DID take me a little bit to catch on, for a few minutes, I was gonna post something all snarky about Cherie coming here and calling YOU and not ME!

Love that girl and love that you teased her so perfectly

Valerie said...

Love that park! We got to take Graton's niece/nephew when we lived there. So fun!

Yanet @ 3 Sun Kissed Boys said...

Teachinfourth - I just assumed you had a guest host and forgot to do your intro.

Cherie - I'd be glad for my dryer too! Looks like you and Trent had a fun day.

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