Friday, August 29, 2008

Chilled morning

Pin It I awoke this morning feeling a distinct chill in the air of my bedroom. I’d left the window open the night before in order to capitalize on the coolness of the evening, and to give the AC system a break.

It was so cold this morning I had trouble getting out of bed. Climbing into a warm shower was like a blessing from heaven itself.

When I was ready to leave, I emerged from my home, and the bite of the morning air greeted my nostrils with more intensity than it had while I’d been inside. I fully expected to see frost covering the long blades of grass of the front yard, like carpeting shards of broken glass. It made me think reminiscently of Halloween, and felt that I should have seen decorations festooning the neighborhood and people emerging from their homes shrouded in costume.

They weren’t.

It was at this moment that I was reminded just how much I love Halloween. It is, I would have to say, one of my absolute favorite holidays.

That, and National Corn-Fritter Week.


Meg said...

I'm a fan of the comic.

I'm not a fan of cold and with Halloween comes cold. I love dressing up, though. Me and Gage were pirates last year.

Gerb said...

Bring on Autumn! You should do a really cool haunted house at Halloween for the trick-or-treaters. Those are popular.

MindyElias said... wonderful does that sound. This is what I woke up to on th front page of the newspaper here in fabulous Mesa, AZ...."With wind gusts of up to 100 mph, more than 1,500 lightning strikes recorded in a single hour and a multimillion-dollar path of destruction stretching from the southeast Valley through central Phoenix, the monsoon storm left hundreds of thousands of area residents going to sleep without power and many more awestruck at the devastation when they awoke Friday morning".....It's almost 1am and it's 90 degrees and 50% humidity....

Maybe I should move to someplace that you can sleep with the windows open :)

Enjoy your weekend!


Danielle said...

I hate the cold :(
I always get bummed when the pomegranates look like they're getting ripe. It means summer is almost over!!! :(

Bee said...

Aint nothin like a crisp cool autumn morning! There's been a break in our weather too, and it makes me nostalgic. I always want to go back home this time of year.

BTW, your waterfall comment made me LOL. (What cool lingo, huh? Yeah, I'm getting old:)

Julie said...

Welcome to the club! Halloween is one of my absolute favorite holidays too! There aren't that many of us.

Teachinfourth said...

Meg - C&H is the best comic of all time...what do you plan on being this year for Halloween?

Gerb - I've heard of this really amazing family who does that every year...they're probably crazy though.

Mindy - Holy Hannah...I'm grateful for the windows-open opportunities. Hope it gets better there soon!

Uncle D - I love it...however, not really the winter part.

Bee - Yep. Makes me think of school supplies and my own elementary years.

Jewels - I knew we were friends for a reason!

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