Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The first day...for a teacher

Pin It Today was the first day for teacher meetings. Back to school orientations. Schedules and headaches.


I went to the school today and thinking that the meetings would all start at 8:30 because that’s the time school will start. I arrived at 8:30 to find a parking lot full of vehicles and a meeting already 30 minutes into progress.

What a fabulous way to make an entrance to a new faculty and principal. I could not have planned a better introduction.

As the meeting progressed, I was feeling a tad overwhelmed. The schedule was not what I anticipated and I would need to rearrange times for a lot of my teaching…ah well, such is life.

At a break, the computer lab teacher pulled me aside and introduced herself as “Joey’s Mom.” “Joey” I’ll choose to call this student, is in my class this year.

“He’s here right now…do you want to meet him?”

I admitted that I would, as they were on a camping trip when I made home visits last week. We walked to the computer lab and Joey met me at the door.

“Hello, Joey. I’m Mr. Z. I’m going to be your fifth grade teacher.”

He shook my hand. “I know. I’m excited.”

“That’s great. We’re going to have a fun, challenging year.”

Joey looked at me, cocked his head to one side, and asked, “Are you a tough teacher?”

I looked back. “Why do you ask?”

“Well, my teacher last year was…well…” he rotated his hand in a flip-flop motion. “He just wasn’t.”

“My old students would probably agree that I’m a pretty strict teacher.” I paused. “Does that worry you?”

Joey shook his head, smiled, and rubbed his hands together. “I can’t wait!”

So tell me…should I be worried?


cari said...

That kid ain't right. I'd be very worried.

Only kidding. I'm sure it will be a great year (even though you started it out late and all.)

Farscaper said...

Sounds like a bad dream.... first day of work.. arrive late.. all you needed was to be in your bathrobe with facial stubble and bad breath and you'd have it made.

I sure hope that this new school gives you the freedom to be your best self. You have a couple of years to iron out the wrinkles before my miscreants will be haunting your room. You have been warned. lol

Bee said...

Nah. He's probably just a really smart kid who needs challenging.
And you don't have to worry about the note. I think it said something like me knowing he wasn't crazy about them last night, but they are in his bag in case he changed his mind, found someone willing to trade, or (heaven forbid) he change his mind. (I left heaven forbid off the note. No worries.)

I let him know I enjoyed shopping with him last night, even though I was ready to kill him, and wished him a great day in his new homeroom. (Another change.)

Good tip, though. Noah usually doesn't pick up on sarcasm. It's a skill we're working on, so he might have picked it up as being sarcastic. It's hard being a teacher and having kids of your own. I often lose my patience with my own much faster than I ever would a student.

Don't feel too bad about your first day. That happened to me last year, and I seriously doubt anyone remembers me being late. In fact my boss caught me washing my armpits in her kitchenette on my first day back last year when I should have been in a meeting. It didn't go over too well, and I don't think she remembers it at all:)

Gerb said...

That sounds like something my kids would say. In other words, BE AFRAID! BE VERY AFRAID!!

Kris said...

What kind of kids do they grow up there???

Teachinfourth said...

Cari - I think he was more excited about the fact that he'd have a classroom that would be under control this year. However, I could be wrong...

FS - Miscreants? Sounds like hobgoblins and ghouls or something like that. Darn those little hooligans with their shenanigans!

Bee - Glad of no permanent damage on either part. I'm glad you are in the swing and surviving the school year...already battling it out in the trenches for the rest of us!

BTW, 3rd grade?

Gerb - Bring it on...that's my motto. Of course, it may quickly change to, 'retreat!'

Kris - Some of them never grow up.

annette said...

I hope I get a chance to meet said kid. He sounds awesome!

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