Monday, August 11, 2008

I got a text message today

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For those of you who know me…I don’t usually text. In fact, I hate it. It takes far too long to compose a message when you could just simply call someone and say it all in a few seconds.

Not everybody agrees with me.

As I was going about my business for the day a number came up I didn’t recognize with a text message:

Hey, it’s Mark. You up for a movie sometime this week?

Now, I’d just met a neighbor who lives three doors down about a month ago. In fact, I’d had him and his wife over for dinner on Sunday. I liked them both…they were really nice people. We had planned on meeting Sunday for a dinner group again; I was surprised that he was texting about a different day during the week. Since my weeks are starting to get busy and this was going to be a problem. Maybe I could allot some time aside during the week instead of on Sunday evening.

I texted back: Sure, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday nights I’m busy though.

About a minute later I got this text: How’s Friday night?

I replied: Sure. I’ll catch up with you on a time when I see you later this week for details, okay?

I was working on my photography stuff when I got yet another text from Mark: Hey, I have an extra motorcycle leather jacket that I’m giving away for free. You interested?

Okay, this guy was starting to get on my nerves. After all…we’d just met each other and already he was texting me like we were best buddies…actually, my best buddies would realize that I hate texting. I was getting a bit miffed. Each time I responded to him I was being charged $ .10 and another $ .02 for every one of his messages I read. This may not sound like much, but it does add up in the end. No, I don’t have free texting with my cell plan…don’t ask why, okay? After all, I made it clear…I hate texting.
I didn’t respond. I’d see the guy when I got home sometime…he was only three doors down…sheesh.

A few minutes later I got another text from him: Hey, let’s plan on Friday then and going to eat and then a movie.

Couldn’t this guy and his wife wait? I was really starting to get perturbed. I had a ton of stuff to do and he kept on texting. Just come over…I mean really.

About an hour later Marc came by. He came in as I was making fruit shakes, but I handed him one saying, “Hey try this” (trying to be polite). I must admit that I was feeling just a tad bit of resentment for this guy who just couldn’t wait to talk to me when both of us were home. Actually, it wasn’t a tad bit if resentment…it was a full out disliking of him.

I started to wonder if I’d made a bad decision on striking up this friendship; it was becoming alarmingly clear that I’d just made a friend with someone who was very needy and I didn’t have the time or energy to give him what he needed.

And the funny thing was that he’d seemed so normal when I’d talked to him before…

After a few minutes I said, “Friday would be fine.”

Marc looked at me, puzzled. “What?”

“Friday,” I repeated. “From your text…Friday is fine.”

“What are you talking about? I haven’t been texting you.”

I paused. “You haven’t? Isn’t this your number?”

Marc shook his head. “That’s not even the way I spell my name. I spell it with a ‘c’.

Suddenly relief washed over me like tidal waves of warmth.

Marc wasn’t psycho.

Marc wasn’t needy.

Marc was normal.

I liked Marc.

Marc was a good guy.

Now, who the heck is Mark?

UPDATE: I discovered who Mark was. You can read (and listen) here.


Meg said...

That is hilarious! I want to know who you are going out with on Friday.

Kris said...

Oh my you have a date with a guy you don't know hehe....thats sooo funny!

shoezimm said...

Be sure to get the leather jacket before you break your dinner date with this guy!

Gerb said...

I'm totally with you on this - I called and had our texting blocked on our phones so I wouldn't have to pay for messages I don't want. CU L8R!

Valerie said...

That was pretty funny!! Good thing it was a just a "wrong number." It's awful when you can't tell at first that they are looking for someone else. ESPECIALLY the ones in the middle of the night!!

island girl said...

That's pretty funny! I'm not a fan of texting either. Isn't it faster to just call the person?

Panama Jones said...

This reminds me of the story about the guy in the men's room when someone in the next stall calls out, "Hey, how's it going?"

"Um, fine," he responds, surprised.

The odd conversation continues in fits and starts, until finally the man in the other stall says, "Can I call you back? Some guy in the stall next to me keeps trying to talk to me."

I generally also dislike texting, with the exception of when I need to get specific information to someone or vice versa. It is much more efficient than calling my voice mail to check my messages, find a pen and paper and write it down. But first I have to listen to the message again because my pen didn't work. Now a third time because I wasn't sure about one of the numbers.

So in that case (and only that case) I really like texting. How many text messages have I sent? Oh, about two.

Emily said...

Hahhaa. So, mystery date on Friday eh?
Sorry I texted you today....but it's only because you didn't pick up your phone! I shall no longer text you. And I'll give you two pennies.

0421. You know what that means, right? The room.

Bee said...

Love the story! I've had some random texts sent to the wrong number, but never anyone asking me out on a Friday night.

Teachinfourth said...

Meg - I found out who it was. It's a guy I know who works with me at CSZ. he called later and I recognized his voice.

I remember that he mentioned at the show on Saturday that we should, "Hang out" sometime and I admit I said sure thought wasn't really thinking at the time. I did say, however, "We'll get Craig and Shay to go along with the group. They're pretty cool."

BTW, this is not a date. But I'll admit, I was pretty creped out for a while there thinking that some guy was asking me out.

Kris - Sorry to disappoint you but the mystery was solved...

Shoe - Yeah, it's all about the 'stuff.'

Gerb - I might just have it blocked. That's a good idea.

Val - I hate those.

IG - I think it is. Maybe some people just have too much time to waste so utilize texting instead because it gives them something to do.

No offense to those of you who text, by the way.

PJ - Now that would be funny.

Emmy - I shall pick up the cash when I get the cooler. I was out tonight and it's probably too late to come by now.

Bee - I did feel like he was asking me out..."Dinner and a movie." However, that's what I usually do when I hang out with my friends. If he does try to buy my dinner I'll have to let him know that we're just friends and pay my own way.

cari said...

i h8 txtng 2! gratz on u new bff! lol! ttfn!

Teachinfourth said...

Cari - You got those mad texting condensed skills down. It took me 3 reads to get it all.

cari said...

Confession...I looked up a texting website. I don't even have a cell phone. (Yes, I'm a nerd.)

Danielle said...

Thats funny! So was it someone you even know?? heehee

Teachinfourth said...

Cari - Honesty is a virtue...glad you decided to come clean. BTW, I did the same thing with Gerb's 80's blog...I didn't know all of those slang sayings off the top of my head...but shhhhh...that's a secret.

Uncle D - Turns out that it's one of the people who works at ComedySportz with me...turns out it's not so creepy or strange after all.

Gerb said...

What's a secret??

annette said...

text messaging = waste o'time + all demanding You must answer me now! And they charge extra for it?

Lars said...

Hopefully your man date went well haha. Thoroughly enjoyed the story.

Teachinfourth said...

G - If I told you, it'd no longer be a secret, now would it?

A - I just signed up for it...(sigh) but now I don't get charged extra by the message.

Teachinfourth said...

L - I'll have to post the outcome actually was pretty funny. I ended up calling a few friends to 'save' me. Worked like a charm.

Rachel said...

I realize this is at your expense but I am howling with laughter!!

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