Friday, August 15, 2008

Thanks for the help

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The past few days have been busy; much busier than usual. I have one person that I really need to thank right now and that’s Jacs.

I couldn’t have had my classroom up and ready without her.

There were several others who helped out too (Nettle, Gerb, etc.,) who all made a big difference and I wanted to share with the world their willingness to come in and help well as bring free slave labor. This is not to mention all those who helped me pack up and move in the first place (I won't mention names because I'll undoubtedly forget someone and offend) Tara, Cari & the gang, Veronica, Olivasusus, Nettle, Gerb & Co., all of my past (and, at the time, present students, and all of the others who help out as well to whom I am eternally grateful... I Now watch, I probably forgot someone and now they hate me.

I just feel so fortunate to have so many people out there whom I can refer to as friends and that'll pitch in when needed. To those who helped I offer a heartfelt and sincere thanks.

And to you Jacs, thanks a million

I owe you a diet coke.

…with lime.


annette said...

I'm amazed at everything Jaqs does. She's a diamond, for sure.

BTW, you are certainly welcome. Always happy to help w/whatever.

Gerb said...

She's a good one to have on your team, that Jacs.

(See, Jacs - I told you you were a good person! And now I have backup.)

cari said...

I remember helping with some fundraising thing years ago and at the meeting everyone kept saying, "Jacs can do this" and "I bet Jacs can get this done" and I was thinking, "Who is this Jacs person?" I couldn't believe there was someone so willing to share their talents and so willing to sacrifice their time. Then I met Jacs and I knew. She's amazing!

I hope it all went well last night for you. It got a little crazy but I'm excited for the new year and the new school.

jacs said...

that's what friends do.

jacs said...

...but you'll still buy me a drink right?
and speaking of friends, i have the best! you guys rock.

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