Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I wanted to blog...

Pin It I want to write tonight.

I want to write about photography.

I want to tell about my classroom and how it’s coming along.

I had a nightmare last night from which I thankfully awoke.

I would tell how my alarm clock went off, but my body did not want to rise.

I’d talk about how I really wanted a Dunford Bakery maple bar this morning, but the gas station was clean out.

I would have written that my classroom is nearly finished with the help of my friend, Jaqs.

I would let you all know that Back to School Night is tomorrow, and I still have a few students’ names to memorize so I know them all on sight.

I’d tell you about two students who emailed, one of which I’ve been worried about for years but who stayed in school and is now getting into web programming; and the other who wrote just to say he missed being in my class. I’d also talk about how he’d written that he’d have surrendered his whole summer vacation to just be back in my sixth grade classroom.

I would tell of my neighbor who came over tonight for help who nearly called 911—but didn’t and was okay. After all, she didn’t fall off the ladder.

I would talk about the slideshow and DVD I made for a friend of mine.

I would talk about how I didn’t have time to work on my website.

I’d write about how I was too tired to write.


The Scotts said... sounds a little bit like you did write.....

annette said...

Too tired to write too much, so sum it up. Sounds like a good plan. Works for me!

That's cool about your former students.

You should write a blog about jaqs. She's awesome!

Gerb said...

I was going to leave a comment, but th...e.....


Teachinfourth said...

J&J - I guess I did. However, merely a trite summarization of the day's events.

Nettle - I just did...though short and sweet; just the way she'd want it.

Gerb - know why.

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