Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I have 27 children

Pin It By 7:55 in the morning I have a few of them asking me to help them with the homework they either didn’t do, or struggled with the night before.

On an average day, I have to sit down with at least one of them to have a talk about being kind to or patient with those around them…for some reason they just can’t seem to get along all the time.

I make sure they’ve eaten their lunches, that they wash their hands after going to the bathroom, and that they pick up after themselves when they make a mess.

I read to them nearly everyday. I do a half-a-dozen voices for the chapter book we're reading. They break out laughing every time the Earthworm talks in James and the Giant Peach. If ever I tell them that we don’t have time to read that day, they panic. Reading is important.

We gather as a group and sing together while I play the guitar. When I remind everyone not to pick their noses, they giggle.

Today I had one boy who wanted me to feel his forehead because he was sure he had strep throat and wondered if he had a temperature.

I had 12 of the kids try to sit right next to me at lunch today. When I moved down the table, so did they.

Today I had to have a talk with one of them about cheating; how that putting down answers when we're correcting isn't right. Another boy got the pep-talk during recess so as to start doing his homework on a consistent basis.

I listened to stories about what they did with their friends, the best part about the weekend, and the book or movie they’ve just finished.

I try to get them all to do their best. Lecturing doesn’t seem to work, so I try building them with the “you can do it” speeches. Some of them do not seem to listen, however, most do.

I try not to feel judgmental when they tell me things I’d rather not know.

I care about them all.

I am their teacher.


Meg said...

Aw. Sounds like you are a terrific teacher.

Emily said...

Kudos to you. You're a fantastic teacher and you have the real secret down--caring about the kids. They all love you for a reason, and I hope you still teach when I have kids! (Warning: May be the same year you retire).

Anonymous said...

That really got me all teared up. I think you are an amazing teacher, that ALWAYS goes more than the extra mile to make a difference. YOU are the needle in the haystack that everyone is trying to find. If more people could be like you...think of all the changes that would come about. What a wonderful example you are to children and adults.

smalltoes said...

Oh your just so cute with all those kids. Good thing for when we have our children. Wink Wink!

Bee said...

Sigh. Aren't they so sweet? Well, at least most of the time. I wish you could teach my son...

annette said...

Ah, the life of a teacher. Hard work was never so rewarding! I love it too.

007 Penguin said...

I think that's one of my all-time favorite pictures of you!

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