Friday, October 17, 2008

Website update

Pin It Well, believe it or not, the site is nearly finished.

I look at it and feel two things at once.

First I have a feeling of distinct pride—this is my baby. All of the photographs on the site are mine (well, maybe one or two my mom took years ago). The work on it is mine. The layout was my idea. I built a hefty portion of the site.

The second feeling I usually have after this is one that the site isn’t quite as professional as other photographers’. I also think of how many hours have gone into this thing…to start off with a basic idea drawn out on paper, and then flesh this out to a complete website. What if it ends up being yet another project which was a waste of over a hundred hours and ends up in the scrap heap?

Those are my thoughts while standing on the threshold of near-completion.

So, what is left to be done?

Add Paypal buttons and options for each print on the site.

What? That’s it?

Yep, that is it.

I tried to add in the code for one photo early today and totally messed up the layout. Not just kind of messed up the layout…I trashed it.

Each image button has to be created with prices and options on the Paypal site, and then the code needs to be added in manually for each button on my webpage. When you’re looking at doing this 137 times (one for each image) there is still a lot of work to be done. I also need to wait for my programmer to have time to check all of this out, after all, I will just mess it up at this point if I try to do it again…How do I know this? Well, I already did.

So, when will the completed site finally be up? Well, I was hoping it would have been tomorrow. Now it seems more likely that it will be sometime next week.

Delays, delays, delays.

I guess I have been living far too long in the push-button, fast-food, microwave society where everything needs to be done by yesterday. I feel the same way about this little venture.

I certainly hope that nobody finds themselves disappointed with the final project.

Heaven knows I vacillate from day to day with it.

P.S. Just for being so patient, here is a preview of what the site will look like (at least one of the pages). Thanks for sticking in there for the long haul.


Deo Volente said...

Try not to worry, it will all work out.

Gerb said...

It's looking good!

Rich said...

I look forward to seeing the whole site up and running however long it takes. From the snap shot you provided it looks awesome!

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