Monday, October 13, 2008


Pin It The moon and I went for a walk tonight up on the mountain.

It was just us two…and an iPod full of Nickel Creek tunes.

The invigorating, chilled air caught in my lungs like snatches of broken fear, as the milky-white light illuminated everything it touched.

The city lights below me twinkled, and from down by the overpass, a spotlight shone like a beacon…pointing upward to remind me where heaven was. How I wanted to ascend that beam, and reach the moon.

But alas, I am the ground.

When you’re flyin’ high, take my heart along.
I'll be the harmony to every lonely song,
That you learn to play.

When you’re soarin’ through the air
I'll be your solid ground.
Take every chance you dare,
I'll still be there,
When you come back down.


Deo Volente said...

The moon was beautiful last night wasn’t it? Sounds like you had a wonderful night.

Gerb said...

That is one of my favorite Nickel Creek songs.

I love the night sky!

annette said...

Love this song! Which mountain did you hike? We took the kids up to the Y last week when it was lit. It was awesome!

Kris said...

When I saw the title I thought of another song. When taking my kids to school at 7:10 we saw the BIG moon going down in the west. Brycen got so excited of how big it was.

Julie said...

The moon has been really amazing recently. I am glad you enjoyed your walk together!

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