Sunday, October 12, 2008

I hate these things

Pin It I’m only doing this for Jaylee.

6 quirks.

Six things people wouldn’t suspect about you.

They have to be true…


Oh, well, here we go…

1. I bit my nails ever since I was 5. I stopped only three years ago.

2. During my first six years of teaching I only had one sick day…and that is when I had a kidney infection and the doctor ordered me to take the next day off so I could be sick and really enjoy it. By the way, it was horrible.

3. I have been able to juggle butcher knives for the past 12 years. I still have all of my fingers too.

4. I can’t stand to eat any type of melon. They make me want to start throwing up.

5. I will often read books aloud—even when I’m not reading to my class. And yes, I still do use voices.

6. I’ll drive across town if the item I need is cheaper there. If I can save a few bucks, I’ll usually do it.


The Scotts said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I love you to pieces!!!

Miya said...

Roy and I used to drive across town for cheaper stuff too, until we got a ScanGuage computer for the car to track how many MPG we were using on any given trip. Now we have to figure in the gas we'll use to get the cheaper item too...sometimes it ends up being the same price once you figure in the "travel expenses" :P What can I say, we're huge nerds.

Kris said...

I'm glad I never served you watermelon! It's good to get to know you better, after all these years.

Danielle said...

I remembered someone I knew didn't like watermelon, and I was glad to find out who it was after all those years. I'm glad you did this dorky quirk thing, I think its funny to hear this stuff sometimes! ;)
I should have had you dress up as a clown and juggle butcher knives at my wedding...

shoezimm said...

Some of it I knew but I didn't know the "drive across town" thing. Honestly its not worth my time to drive across town just to save a buck (it'd have to be a buncha bucks to make me want to take the time and the gas to drive across town...unless there was some other incentive along the way like a neat store I'd "accidently" be driving past and have to stop at). Hey can always try talking him into juggling knives at your sister's wedding!

Gerb said...

I also dislike watermelon, but not the other melons. And I'm a huge sucker for a bargain, across town or not!

Interesting factoids.

cari said...

I just had to smile when I picture you reading, with all the voices of course, aloud. That must be why your so good at it huh. Practice makes perfect.

Grafxgurl said...

you are strange.
i guess thats why that video with the different voices you made was awesome!!

Teachinfourth said...

J&J - Hopefully you didn't learn anything too disturbing.

Meem - I guess that factor comes into play as well...or at least it should.

Kris - Yeah, I'd probably have never come back.

Uncle D - It was me. As for the dress up and juggling...kind of hard to do that and take photos at the same time, you know?

Shoe - It all depends.

Gerb - I knew we were friends for a reason.

Cari - Yeah, pretty nerdy, isn't it?

GG - We all have our quirks, I suppose. I did save the REALLY interesting stuff for a rainy day though.

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