Monday, January 12, 2009

I have a confession

Pin It I’m a Youtube junkie.

Okay, maybe not in the sense that I watch it for hours each day, but when I do get logged in, I could very easily spend 3-4 hours watching mindless drivel.

I love it, and therefore I have to be careful. I only have so much time and my time is valuable…after all, isn’t yours?

Today though, I left school early because I was feeling ill this morning. I made it to 10:00 and then had a sub come in for the rest of the day. My second sick day in 8 years—the first was for a kidney infection about 5 years ago. Only one sick day previous to this one in eight years? I felt that going home was justified.

I came home, put on some flannels, and promptly fell into bed. Around 1:00 I got up, still feeling a bit sickly, but better nonetheless. I decided to check my email—which I did. However, as soon as that was completed, it seemed that Youtube was calling my name. I probably shouldn’t have listened to its incessant call, yet I did.

I looked for a few videos on respect I could use in my classroom at a later date, and suddenly remembered a show I loved when I was younger. I hadn’t thought about this show in years. My fingers sought along the keyboard for the right strokes in the search engine bar. As I hit enter, I was inundated with about a hundred video clips, so I began to watch.

As the images filled my eyes, and the audio my ears I felt myself cringe several times—it was…how do I say it?


What ever made me watch this show with its horrible acting and terrible costumes? While some of the kids could sing, a few of the songs they performed (such as “Neverending Story” and “Living on a Prayer”) made me cringe, and I could imagine what Simon Cowell would say to the performance.

It came as clear as the LCD screen before me, the reason that I’d watched this show in the first place…

Renee Sands.

Yep, Renee. I was absolutely in love with this girl, and I’m pretty sure that she was in love with me too, only she probably didn’t realize it at the time.

I found out that she later went on with her singing career with the group, “Wild Orchid” while Stacy Ferguson went on to become “Fergiliciious,” and Martika took on a short career with her hit song, “Toy Soldiers.”

Have you been able to guess what show it is yet? Well, if you guessed that it was Kids Incorporated, you got it.

So, with fond memories of both Renee and Martika, I sat and watched segments this show for about an hour. I did sift through several performances finding a few which were far less painful to watch.

Here’s to memories.

Looks like we made it…


Lydia said...

That is so crazy, we really were such dorks. How great was it to be a kid and enjoy being a dork.

MindyElias said...

See, I was Mario Lopez fan (oh did I have a crush!) So he was the reason I began watching........

Hope you are feeling better..... :)


Gerb said...

I can't wait until tomorrow when I have more time to watch those segments.
My brother and I watched that show religiously. I'm not sure what his motivation was, but I was paying close attention to the dance moves so I could learn them and audition to be on the show someday. It was how I planned to make it big so that Ricky Schroeder of Silver Spoons would notice me and ask me out and then he'd play "Broken Wings" over and over on his radio when we eventually broke up. I had my life entirely planned out.
And who can beat those special effects? K-I-D-S!

K.J. said...

I remember watching that show! Brings back a memory of me sitting on the couch, asking my mom to let me eat my grilled cheese sancwich downstairs so I wouldn't miss any of it! I was thrilled that she let me!
How fun it was to be young!

Julie said...

I loved that show! Oh...good times.

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