Friday, January 23, 2009


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What if I had nothing to say?

Nothing of great significance?

Would you still come?

What if I rambled on senselessly for paragraph after paragraph?

Or had single words on a line?

Would you still want to read what I’ve written?

What if I was purely selfish?

Writing about only the things important to me?

Would you find yourself disappointed?

What if you were reading this right now?

Wondering, “Does he suspect that I lurk anonymously?”

Would you let me know you came by?

I do not require an answer.

I just wonder…


Gerb said...

re: your first 3 questions, yes. I can't remember what else you asked. Too many questions!

annette said...

You are a great writer and friend. I would read anything you wrote. I seriously doubt I would be disappointed. Being a good friend, if I was, I would let you know. Lurk? No. As if I had the time! Let's put it this way. Among the few things I choose to spend my time on, this is one of them. My point.

Holms TP said...

I enjoy reading your posts.

Panama Jones said...

Well, of course we'd read. If it became too introverted we might stop, but personally I tend to enjoy seeing what strikes other people as interesting. But then, I tend to like lecture-style lessons--as long as the teacher has something thoughtful or insightful to say.

K.J. said...

You are amazingly talented at writing, photography and a ton more that would take all day to write!
Love your blog!

Teachinfourth said...

Gerb - Wait, did you say yes to: "Would you find yourself disappointed?"

Nettle - Thanks. I'm glad that I am indeed, 'time worthy."

Trev - I'm glad we were able to connect again after so many years, bud.

PJ - I think I was just complimented. If so, thanks. If

KJ - I'm just waiting for ole' KJ to start her own blog...I'm sure SHE has some interesting stories to tell, too!

Farscaper said...


I mean, LURK!

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