Thursday, January 22, 2009

I hope you’re not offended…

Pin It I have a confession.

I saw you at the store today. You were looking at the pancake batter. I was picking up a few various and sundry items. I have to be honest…I sped up and walked quickly, avoiding your aisle altogether. It was not because I wouldn’t have liked to talk to you, but because I had no time.

I love the fact that discussions with you can be quite lengthy; however, I did not have the time to spend this evening…there were too many other things which had already ‘taken a number’ and were waiting in the wings for their turn.

So instead of making my presence known, I subtly moved to the cashier and made my purchase, glancing over my shoulder every now and again.

I drove home.

After preparing dinner for 19 people, making rolls which turned into a loaf of bread from rising too long, and whipping up three batches of cookie dough, I still find myself looking at the pile of Math tests I have yet to correct. Even now, I can still hear the incessant call of my bed upstairs as the clock rolls past ten.

Thanks, I knew you’d understand.


The person you avoided said...

I make my own pancake batter. I was actually looking at muffin mixes.

K.J. said...

That was a sweet apology! We all have those days where we just need more time!
You said that you made batches of cookie saved me some, right?

Kris said...

Man I know how you feel!

Danielle said...

Its all good, we all do this. There are times you wish you could spend the time talking, but just can't. You feel bad, but sometimes that's just how it is. You're so good to post the apology though!!

andrea said...

i think i have done this before, except that it is because i am to shy to say something. then i feel guilty later for not saying something. i really wanted to say something, but then my mind starts racing and i start thinking of every reason why i shouldnt say something and i talk myself right out of it. then i worry about not saying something to the point of not sleeping..... i know.... im crazy. darn anxiety!

Teachinfourth said...

TPYAS - Thanks, I appreciate your understanding.

KJ - Signed, sealed, and delivered!

Kris - I figured that there must be at least one other person out there who did...glad it was you.

Dani - Oh, there's three of us then! To tell you the truth, the person I saw did not see me and I don't know if they'll ever read this post...however, never hurts to be safe.

Andrea - We really do put ourselves through the ringer sometimes, don't we?

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