Saturday, January 17, 2009

I need a hero

Pin It There are times in my life when I’m ready to give up.

I look at the obstacles before me, and I think that they are too much for me to handle.

There’s simply no way I could do it all on my own.

Then, along comes someone who is an inspiration. A person who’s either already overcome the odds, or is currently doing it.

It’s people like this which inspire me. Their example encourages me to pick myself up off the ground. Though I know I will probably fall again, it is these examples which keep me believing that I can overcome and succeed.

Some of these people are around me; I see them day to day. I count on them, yet they have no idea of the impact they make on my life; little life-saving moments in time. And there are others…those who do not know me. They’ve never heard of my little blog, and chances are—never will they do so. Some of them inspire me to be my best, to get up when I fall, and to believe in that power we all have inside.

May Nick Santonastasso’s story inspire you, like he does for me.


Deo Volente said...


Emily said...

This is really neat. Good to see you driving by, Jas. <3

K.J. said...

A lot of the time, YOU are the one that inspires people. You are such a great example to many.

Gerb said...

Wow. What an awesome kid - and awesome parents.

Allen said...

It's good for grown men to cry once in a while, right? That kid is cool. Hopefully adulthood doesn't change him, because he's already more of a man than I've even hoped to be.

Farscaper said...

What an awesome family. Thanks for highlighting that video.

I really love seeing families like that. It helps remind me of how to raise my kids. Special needs or not - it's good for everyone to be raised with the feeling that "I can do it."

I've seen my deaf brother "cripled" by our over protective mom. She has a heart of gold and means well. She just worries about people taking advantage of his good nature (it has happened MANY times). Rather than challenging him to grow he is kept hidden and "safe."

Teachinfourth said...

DV - I couldn't agree more.

Em - It was great to see you too. Now, if we'd just talk to each other...

KJ - Everyone can be an inspiration to someone else at some moment in time.

Gerb - You said it.

Allen - I was thinking the same thing myself...he is quite the trooper.

FS - Sometimes what we do in the bet interests of others can be something which really does inhibit them in the long run.

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