Friday, July 18, 2008

Vacation - Friday: Mac, Cheese, and Help

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Ever have one of those times when some completely mundane food sounds absolutely delicious? Well, this is one of those times for me, and I do have to say that I was not disappointed with the end product.

I made Mac & Cheese—all by myself. AND I didn’t even have to read over the directions more than one time. Yes, it really is that easy…that and I’m simply amazing! I even ‘shook things up’ a bit and added in hotdogs and black pepper—two items NOT listed on the instructions.

I have to admit that I had an awful lot of fun cooking the elbow macaroni, and even though the water I strained made both the sink and spoon feel slimy, it was fun to make something I hadn’t made since…well, to be honest, I can’t remember the last time I had this tasty dish my friends and I had at one time surnamed, “The Yellow Death.”

Now that I’ve celebrated my amazing accomplishment with you, I now plead for help on a topic which is TOTALLY unrelated.

“So, Teachinfourth, what do you need?”

I’m so glad you asked.

I have need of someone with a little more web development skill than I have at the present time to work a bit of magic. To be specific, I need someone who can do the following on my website:

  1. Display images on a page and available sizes which can be selected at the click of a button.
  2. Can show a page of small thumbnails images which can be dragged into a space below where they can be manipulated…meaning the order can be changed around. They also need the ability to ‘submit’ the order of images they’ve selected; also picking a size.
  3. The ability to have a person enter some information: (address, name, credit card numbers) and have this information sent to me to fill an order, and the payment to go directly into a Paypal account.

I also don’t want to spend more than I have to…not that I’m unwilling to pay for services rendered by someone else…I’m more than willing to do this, however, I’ve already developed a website, and now I wonder if I will need to redo the whole thing for the capabilities mentioned above.

I’m fighting a war here, a struggle against time…if you know what I mean.

Any help is appreciated; especially if you have connections to someone/place which can work aforementioned magic.

Thanks, in advance.

Please don’t let my gratitude be in vain.


Farscaper said...

My husband has done a few websites kinda like that. He hates doing web design.. well... he loves doing the pretty stuff, hates the back end programming. What you need is a LOT of back end work. Let me ask him (this weekend) what he would suggest.

There are some sites out there where you can purchase their website template and you just alter the prettiness of it. They are also set up to run CC if you sign up for a merchant account with a particular vendor. Don't buy into just any template and merchant account without knowing who you're working with. My husband does have a few preferences of who he has worked with or knows others who have worked with.

If you hire someone to do this from scratch expect to shell out a few thousand $$ to get everything up and running. Shopping carts and SSL is a ROYAL pain in the butt.

I may not be able to get back about this until Sun. poss Mon... Husband has a shoot in the morning. The project has to be edited with some graphics and uploaded on the company's website before Monday.

Hopefully someone else will have a more immediate solution for you. If not, you can always e-mail me if you need more detailed info. I'll connect you with my hubby.

Meg said...

Sorry man I have no clue about the website info. A little over my head.

&you seriously cracked me up with the mac n cheese.

Anonymous said...

Mmmm...Tastey dish you made there.
You did cook the hotdogs before you put them in...right?
I like anything cheesey!

Gerb said...

We're trying to brainstorm some computer geek to help you out but so far no one comes to mind. My friend has a photography website, though, so I'll ask her who does her stuff and send you an email. By the way, that little mac and cheese and hotdog deal you whipped up was a staple around my house growing up. Another variation you can try is to add a can of chili to the mac and cheese. My brother and I learned to survive off of mac and cheese variations. I could write a book. Ever had fried m&c w/bologna ? Baked with a little real cheese on top? I'm like the Forrest Gump of m&c. And don't get me started on cream of celery soup!

OK, that has to be the longest comment I have ever left anyone. My apologies.

jacs said...

try norma--i don't know who does hers or how but... or my dad's a programmer and i have a couple of brothers who are complete techno geeks. i'll ask.

Farscaper said...

Husband recommended GoDaddy

They do shopping carts etc.. They have package deals where you can use their stuff but build it yourself or you can pay them to do everything for you.

At godaddy click on "site builders". Check out their "business" tab too.

The easiest way (and cheapest monthly) is to use paypal. No monthly fees. You pay out of what transactions take place. They take credit cards now. Most merchant accounts charge a set up fee and a monthly maintance fee. Those are great if you're doing a lot of business. If you're only selling here and there and possibly could go a month without sales it's better to stick with a low overhead setup (in the beginning).

You can always inflate your business to match the volume of orders you receive. Most people get in trouble overestimating the interest in their product (long term). You don't want to get stuck with a $1,000 or more in overhead if you're only profiting $500.

You also need to think about fulfillment. Who's going to do it? In the beginning you could do it but what happens if your business takes off? Hireing someone to fill orders and ship, track the $ etc.. needs to be considered. You just may want to hire someone anyway so you can keep taking picts and not have to worry about fulfillment. Needs to be someone available ALL the time M-F so the orders can go out ASAP. Someone who's there when you're on vacation, sick, working etc.. The internet doesn't get sick, go on vacations etc...

(We've had an online business in the past and have run into a bunch of these issues).

Teachinfourth said...

FS - I'm going to to check into it...I do use godaddy for my web site domain so I already have an account set up with them. Thanks for the info.

Meg - If you're ever up my way, I'll whip you up a batch.

KJ - I boiled them with the mac. I am still craving that golden feast...even after eating it for 3 days!

Gerb - If you have any geeky friends which could help out, that would be a beautiful thing...

Chili, with Mac? Hmmm...maybe I'll have to give that a try. I was trying to think of a way to make it taste more 'cheesy.' I guess Velveta would be one of the best choices...

BTW, I'm flattered that you left a long comment.

Jacs - Norma's is just for advertising, isn't it? Can one place orders on her website? Thanks for checking with the geeky brothers for me.

annette said...

I have a friend of mine who until recently ran a website business for signs. Let me know if you would like to talk to her and I'll hook you up.

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