Sunday, July 13, 2008

Vacation - Friday & Saturday Photos

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Admittedly, this “shoot” is what I would refer to as a “hodgepodge” of sorts. Many of these are random shots which don’t really seem to fit together with any type of rhyme or reason…

Perhaps I should explain these here, and you can then know when/why these were taken.

The cat: I was sitting in the living room and the Monk’s cat chose to lounge in a shaft of sunlight coming in from the window. I thought it might make an interesting shot, so, lying on the floor, I took it.

Window of Leeds: This was taken in an old building for the Civilian Conservation Corps which, during the great depression, employed thousands of young, men who would build fire lanes, construct facilities in national forests, and plant thousands of acres worth of trees. The two photos farther down of the doorknobs are from similar buildings adjacent to this one.

Gas Pump: An interesting pump with a price we can only now envy. Found it in St. George.

Vase & Handle: These two photos were taken of an old pitcher and bowl in a bead and breakfast located in St. George. The inn is aptly named, “Green Gables.”

Alley Windows: Behind some buildings along the old main street, I found this little alley which reflected the light in a nice, eye-pleasing way.

Wood: This is actually a garage door in Toquerville. It had so many hues in the wood, I couldn’t help but stop to take a photo of it.

The Fence Latch: This was taken also at Green Gables and was one of the only surviving, original fences of one of the oldest surviving homesteads in St. George.

The Tractor: This shot was taken just before my excursion with the rattlesnake I blogged about just a few days ago. While I was taking these photos, the orange light of the setting sun glossed the landscape around me…it was breathtaking.

Quail: On my trip to Silver Reef I saw numerous quail. This one just seemed to be waiting for me to take his photo.

Red Sands: This was taken just outside of Leeds. I was taken in with the beauty of the sand after the rains from the night before. I love the patterns left by the wind and rain.

Flowing Water: Snow Canyon State Park. This was taken right after a rainstorm. The water is not usually there, however, during and after the rain, there were cataracts flowing over the smoothly-weathered sandstone formations…a good time and place to be caught in the rain.

The Safe: Old, rusty, kind of cool. Not much else to say.

Lightning: It looks like a tree, but it is a small bush only about three feet tall. I choose to call this, “Brought to Life” or “The Burning Bush” not sure yet to be honest…

Like I said before, this is a hodgepodge…


Gerb said...

Are you getting tired of hearing the same thing over and over? Because I'm just going to say (again): awesome pictures!

Kris said...

I'm glad that you could find so many places around here to take beautiful pictures of. And the weather has helped???

Farscaper said...

Ok... Those were WICKED COOL!!!!

Hard to pick a favorite. I'd have to say I have 2 that stand out the most. The tractor and the lightning. Then the cat was cool too. I love all the colors you found.

Danielle said...

Awesome. We found that wood garage door in Toquerville when we were taking engagement pics. I have a couple favorites there, but I loved the look of the wood! You can make anything look wonderful, Jason!

Emily said...

I LOVE TOQUERVILLE! I took some fun pictures there. It's a really great place for that!

Emily said...

By the way, that cat looks pretty perturbed you are taking its picture. And that lightning shot is AMAZING. Seriously--you're just going to get sick of us all gaping in awe!

Teachinfourth said...

Gerb - Some of continually need the validation.

Kris - Yes, the weather has...though it has ruined a few shots as well. Such is the nature of nature.

FS - Glad you like them. Those are two of my favorites as well, however, don't tell the rest of children, they all think they're my favorite.

Dani - Isn't that door cool? As for making anything look cool...hmmmmm, I wouldn't want to bet on that one.

Emmy - I'd rather have people gape in astonishment than looking on in horror, you know?

annette said...

The cat. Once again- shadow and light, and I love the expression in the eyes.
Reading about each picture gave the photos life.

Melissa Kae Creative said...

LOVE the tractor - just beautiful.

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