Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Photography - What to do?

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Okay, an S-Corp is now underway with the official name of my “company.”


I went up to Hoffman & Company this morning to sign the paperwork. As I did I discovered that I am the major stockholder of my company. I am also the treasurer, vice-president, president, CEO, and just about every other position in the company including the custodian.

It felt strange to be signing all of these forms, and hearing about everything I need to do to now that this is up…opening a bank account in the name of Backroads, keeping certain receipts and expense logs, keeping a book of mileage from now on, and other various and sundry items.

However, now there comes a dilemma. I don’t want to have people finding my photography site by typing in:

That, to me, is just a little over the top, and hard to put on a business card. “Oh, where’s the site? Just type in classroom of chaos—by the way, that’s just one word with no spaces or hyphens and no capitals either—and then type dot com and then add a backslash…yeah, I’m pretty sure that it’s a backslash. Then you’ll need to type the word photography with another slash and then word photographyhome…yeah, I know it’s actually two words, but it has to follow that pattern to get you to the right site because that’s what I named the page. Well, after that you just put another period, and then html. That’s all there is to it!”

Yeah, and here’s your map and three day supply of food. Hope you survive.

So I went online to find a domain name because I am planning on revamping my photography website (and updating it too) as well as give it a good, easy-to-remember address. Unfortunately, is already taken.

So, here’s the question…what should the address be? I thought of but nobody seems to like it. My sister suggested My roommate offered up something like, however, I don’t think I’ll go with that one…a little too good if you know what I mean.

So, are there any suggestions for an address?

Oh, and by the way, you can check the availability of these fabulous addresses HERE.


smalltoes said...

To my dearest Jason, I totally love your suggestion of That is cleaver and witty. You amaze me! Please let me know if you ever need help with anything, I would love to help. Let me know when you do your Sundance thing!

Gerb said...

BackroadsbyZ? BackroadsPictures? IGotYourBackroads? However, I agree with smalltoes. I like thereandbackroads as well. Let us know when it's up and running and what you come up with!

shoezimm said...

I disagree...thereandbackroads is an obvious steal from Tolkein. What about OnTheBackroads, TheseOldBackroads or DownTheseBackRoads?

jacs said...

backroadsrevealed backroadstreasures

i have about a zillion more...

jacs said...

i forgot my fave...backroadexposures
that one is haha funny!! and if you like any then i'll look them up otherwise, no way jack.

Farscaper said...

I've checked and these are all available:


sorry so many... I get on a roll pretty easy. I help my husband come up with domain names all the time (he owns a LOT of domains)

What we've found.. the shorter the better. Stick with COMMON spellings. Common words people don't have to look up (like picturesque - lol). Imagine your website on a billboard and someone only has a few seconds to memorize it... can they do it?

Also... when you do find your .com also purchase the .net .biz .org at LEAST. Other companies can EASILY come along and purchase these and steal your customers if someone does not remember your .com. Granted it is BEST to get the .com address since that is the most remembered tag.

Craigorey said...,, and aren't taken. If you use one of these people will be chit chatting and one will say, "Man I need a photographer this weekend, bad." At that point a pleased customer will show-stoppingly (that isn't a word) turn around and say, "Use the backroads, my friend, dot com," and he/she will cheekily give a wink.

Panama Jones said...

Simple is good. If you are doing business as Backroads, then try these:

It's all about the dash!

annette said...

"backroadexposures" is the bomb! So funny! Kudos Jacs!

What about
"" ?
People could remember it with the tune. Along those lines, "" could work.

Or, keeping it simple, how about "" It relates to backroads, and it's easy to remember.

Miya said... isn't taken, but it's sort of boring. I had to do a .net for my site, cause some stupid girl stole miyaphotography with the .com ...

Teachinfourth said...

Shay-Shay - Thanks. I like it too, however, I think I just might use something else...

Gerb - It will be about three weeks from now.

Shoe - Yeah, yeah...

Jacs - Whoa...I'm not so sure about your favorite name. Kind of scary, you know?

FS - I agree with the idea of a shorter name being easier to remember.

Craigorey - It was good to see you on Saturday. We'll have to head to Sammie's with Shay-Shay in a week or two...

Panama - Simple. I agree. I tried a few with the dash, but then changed my mind.

Nettle - Those are both cool songs, however, there's no song for backroads that I know of...unless it's John Denver's "Country Roads." Not sure I want to name it that though.

Meem - A curse upon her! I mean really, her name isn't even Miya!

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