Sunday, July 6, 2008

Photography - Website

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I have been working on a new photography website for the past week and have found myself reawakened into the workings of Fireworks and Dreamweaver. I am impressed with just how much I have forgotten over the past year since I took classes geared toward teaching me to build a website.

After a bit of frustration with a dab of annoyance, I was able to construct a simple website which would serve as the template of sorts for my ultimate creation.

I did, however, want to implement a few suggestions from avid fans (okay, friends who’ve seen the old website). A few of these general thoughts were to have a better ‘breakdown’ of categories, instead of just two, a way in which to show the photos without having to scroll down the screen, and to revamp the site so it looked a bit more professional. All of these suggestions were good and, after all, it’s all about impressions, right? If I can let somebody see an impressive website, it makes a powerful statement long before they ever meet me.

So, along came the arduous task of designing and building a website which, I admit, I took on with an energized vigor—with the sort of anticipation a child has when their birthday is the next day and they are sure that the party is going to be beyond their wildest dreams.

Well, the hours spent working on said website quickly moved from single to double digits. However, I was undaunted, and felt within me a determination to complete the website as quickly as I could.

Photos were an entirely different thing…having to go through them all, sort them, and make some painful decisions as not to include some while giving others the go-ahead. In a sense, I felt like I often do when asked to give the Hope of America award each year at graduation. There are so many which deserve that award, but only a few which can only get it. My photos were the same…though this one was impressive and worthy of showcasing, that one was just a bit more.

So, the process of deciding which should, and which should not, get the honor of being on the website is a daunting task which is still laid out before me. However, in time it will be completed.

I did want to thank those of yout who made suggestions as to a web domain name. I had many responses, and even a few texts, phone calls, and emails in regard to possible names. I will say that I have made a decision.

I’ll tell you what that is later.

If you are interested, and would like a sneak peek as to what the website will look like, you can see a working copy HERE. Let me know what you think about it so far.


smalltoes said...

Very nice! It looks good. Have fun and be safe on your little excursion.;)

Leah said...

Thank you, thank you Jason that this is not the real thing. I was just imagining how I could talk Yancy through the trauma of all the fonts.


P.S. Your photography is beautiful.

*BaNaNa* said...

Can I buy some of that free stuff? Because I actually thought that was your websight and was dissapointed when I found out it wasn't. I think it looks great.

Julie said...

It's Brilliant. I'm glad you have spent some time on something that you really enjoy.

Farscaper said...

I second Leah's comments. LOL I was very - um ... worried that perhaps you had fallen and bumped your head on something.

Looking forward to see what you've come up with.

I was looking at some beautiful picts (along the west coast) people post on Google Earth. At times they lead to a professional photographer's website. You might want to look around and see what others are doing. Imitation is the greatest compliment (yeah that's it.. has nothing to do with being too lazy to come up with something original..)

Miya said...

Great. Now I'm gonna have to revamp my site so it's at least somewhere near the same level of awesomeness.

Everytime someone mentions the software Dreamweaver, it makes me think of Wayne's World. "Oooh, Dreeeeeeeamweaver..."

Teachinfourth said...

Shay-Shay - Hmmmm. Were you faked out? I tried to make it as gross as I could and still have it be just a bit believable. I guess was still just a bit too good.

Leah - Yeah, I think it would scar him for life to think that that was something real. BTW, the water hole photo is from the net...I didn't take that one. You'll see some of mine in a few weeks.

Banana - How much do you want? And as for the site, just you wait until you see the real thing!

Jewels - It's always more fun to have people see your work and comment on it, you know?

FS - I'd probably imitate somebody else's website, however, I've already got mine pretty much done (the general layout) and feel a bit too lazy to redo it all.

Meem - Well, you'll need to wait and see what it is first. You might just look at it and find yourself underwhelmed.

Leah said...

Oh, I wasn't gushing over the water hole picture. I've seen your other site, with the little boy holding a camera on the landing page.

And I just noticed my pun -- gushing + water hole = painful.

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