Friday, July 18, 2008

Vacation - Thursday Night: "I had a dream."

Pin It It was about school.

Only, I was not the teacher for the first day. I had a friend who was doing it; it was so difficult to sit on the sidelines and watch somebody else teaching my class…especially at the start of the year when the first week or two sets the stage for the remainder of the year.

I wonder if this dream has anything to do with an email I got from an individual at my new school (you know, the fact that I was thinking about school, that is)…

“Well I have heard from everyone and it sounds like there are a lot of changes in the numbers for enrollment. “Lana” was saying that we won’t have lists until August. “Morgan” said that we might be getting another 5th grade teacher.”

I changed the names so you wouldn’t know who these people are, even though you probably wouldn’t have known them anyway.

Originally, we were going to have 2 fifth grade teachers and then one split-level classroom (or so I heard). Now, it appears that there might actually be need of another 5th grade class from the numbers of transferring students.

I don’t mean to sound prideful, but I wonder if these transfers have to do with my relocation to said new school.

I hope it is.


cari said...

Of course it is! Everyone knows a good thing when they see it.

I registered Max the other day. Wish he were in 5th grade! Wait. No, I take that back. I wish your were teaching 3rd. :)

Farscaper said...

I just hope you "stay put" long enough that I can see "what you're made of" for myself. My twins are going to be in 3rd next year so we have a while.

There are enough people around shouting praises to your teaching talents that it has definately sparked my interest. Granted most of them post on your blog - LOL.

I'm actually impressed when I see a student so affected by a teacher that they choose to keep in touch. I had a couple of teachers like that - mostly in high school. If you are anything like the calibur of these teachers I definately want my kids to benefit from your teaching talents someday.

Just don't go anywhere for a few years.

Anonymous said...

I wish my daughter was going to your new school. I would have put her in your class. But...we moved clear out here to Lehi! She will always hold that against me. That was one of the first things she said when she was informed of the move. She said,"I won't get to be in Mr.Z's class!"
You are the best teacher anyone could have. I am glad my other two got to experience having you for a teacher. You helped them so much. As a teacher, and an example. You have touched a lot of childrens lives, and made such a big difference. You do so much for the children.
I think the whole class of this years fifth graders are all wanting to transfer into your class. I thought about driving my daughter to Provo everyday just so she could have you for a teacher. I feel bad that she won't get to experience your class. I feel bad for all the fifth graders that won't get to experience your class. You make learning fun! You make school exciting. You put so much into it and they bacome a family of fifth graders. They leave with so much more than they came into your class with.
You Rock Mr. Z!

Farscaper said...


See what I mean...

(BTW.. that's my attempt at an up arrow)

Gerb said...

Are you seriously questioning that? I mean, (in my kids' words), duh.

Kris said...

I wish you could teach here!!!!

Teachinfourth said...

Cari - I really did like 3rd grade when I taught it a few years ago. Older kids can do a lot more, but the little kids still draw you pictures and idolize you too.

I am pretty sure that that is why the kids are transferring, however, sometimes one doesn't want to be too...what's the word?


FS - If I'm still around, I hope you don't find yourself disappointed. Maybe that way I'll finally see you you are.

KJ - I'm still bummed that "S" won't be in my class this next year...that way I'd have the complete set of "J" kids, you know?

However, this move is a good thing for you guys...just give it some time.

Gerb - Like I doesn't wish to be too presumptuous, you know?

Kris - The reason you like me so much is that you only see me every so often...if it were on a regular basis, I think you'd quickly get sick of me.

annette said...

Ah, it was nice of you to stay close. There are those of us who considered following you no matter where you went.

Elise Sheppard said...

The first of the year is always the worst stress when numbers come into play. I teach third grade in GA. My back to school dreams started about 2 weeks ago, and school doesn't start back for another 2 weeks. They usually consist of me coming to work in the nude, being 2 hours late on the first day, or not being able to get control of my classroom. What's up with that? I know I'm not the only one. Found you through Meg's website.

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