Monday, July 21, 2008

Vacation - Monday: Rain and goodbyes

Pin It As I sat on the porch swing, it started to rain. Not merely a sprinkle or was hard. The rain was coming down in sheets, and there were occasional flashes of lighting which ignited the darkened skies, like flashbulbs of a vintage camera. I sat there, enjoying it all when suddenly, the entire Monk family rushed outside to take pleasure in the downpour along with me.

As we were sitting there watching, the smell of moisture washed over us all like the aroma of freshly-baked cookies on a cold, wintery day. Splays of water would blow over the deck, showering us all with a fine, refreshing mist.

I noticed my friend’s grandson (I’ll call him Raymond); he was looking out longingly at the rain for quite some time. Suddenly, he stood and announced, “I’m going to go put on my swimsuit and play.”

Within minutes, Raymond was outside in the peltering storm, and enjoying all of the glories it afforded. As this little boy ran back and forth through the large puddles in the driveway (or small lakes) I noticed adults on the street who quickly made their way back to their homes, trying to avoid getting wet during their afternoon walks. They cowered under umbrellas, or ran quickly down the street taking shelter under trees; none of them strolled along, enjoying this magnificent gift from heaven.

As I watched Raymond frolic about as he scampered I took out my camera and began to shoot. There is nothing more innocent and inspiring to me as watching the simple pleasures of life around us…these free little moments in time we are given each day. The wealthiest king and the lowliest of peasants can enjoy these glorious moments in time. To us all they cost the same…nothing.

We, as adults, need to relearn some of the simple joys in life…things like playing in the rain; blowing dandelion seeds to the winds; walking barefoot on thick carpets of gnarled grass.

We once knew all of these simple joys in life, why is it that we have allowed ourselves to forget them? Why do we ground ourselves for so long?

To help myself re-remember these more simple of joys, I have decided to start a fast of sorts from technology. I have decided that, at least for a few days, I will not use the computer, Internet, or cell phone.

I have somebody I need to find.

I know what you’re thinking… “Hey, what about your camera?” No, the camera is good, after all, there is somebody Im looking for...

See you in a few days.


Farscaper said...

Awesome post. Sunday, as we were walking home from church it started to rain. It didn't last long (just as long as we were walking home - LOL). The drops were huge but definately not a downpour. My daughter started to run but I didn't. I figured I'm already wet (from the first raindrop). Home is not that far away. And, I look funny running in my church clothes. My daughter finally quit running and came back to hold my hand. We enjoyed the walk home together. (Those are the moments I remember the easiest)

I know what you mean about taking a vacation from technology. Life is piling up behind me and I better go pay attention to it before it forms into an avalanche. (I'm too addicted to my computer to leave it for too long though).

Have fun, and I hope you find who you're looking for.

Kris said...

Aw you will find him....I will miss you though I did not see you much. And if you ever need a job here, I will be the first to look up one for you!

Gerb said...

Love the picture. That's what I want to do every time it rains. Have a happy technology vacation! (and enjoy the search for your long-lost friend)

smalltoes said...

What a fun post. I love the rain! Good luck not using your laptop or phone. When you do read this yes I am sure Craig would be up for a little fun, so would I. Just call!!

Meg said...

Don't leave me. What will I read? Heh.

Enjoy your break from the computer.

Danielle said...

When you end your technological fast, we're here anxiously awaiting what you learned. :D
And we're waiting for you to MOVE HERE!!! Bring Shawna too!!!

Emily said...

Miss you until then. It's funny how children enjoy small things like that. At work today I was noticing just this very thing. Enjoy your vacation from technology. I am going to have an accidental break from it since I'm working so much this next month or so, but I hope to stay in touch anyway :)

annette said...

You said it best, "The wealthiest king and the lowliest of peasants can enjoy these glorious moments in time."

That also applies to the ample beauty around us, like the sky: such a beautiful canvas of light and color, always changing. It's an exquisit piece of art that no camera or artist can truly capture, yet there it is for all to enjoy- anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Valerie said...


Just getting caught up on your posts. Your photography is really stunning!!Graton and I enjoyed looking at your photos together, and he set one of your photos as background on his computer. You have a real gift for capturing movement, feeling and emotion in a freeze frame. Looking forward to more of your posts when you return!

cari said...

I loved the picture. How true. Your break sounds great. Enjoy!

Teachinfourth said...

FS - I too, am a techno-addict and the respite from these gadgets to which I've become accustomed was a welcomed break.

Kris - Found. BTW, it was great to see you again. The photo is appreciated. Love ya.

Gerb - Let me know when you're frolicking and we'll see about getting a snapshot!

Shay-Shay - I'm back...let's get together "yeah, yeah, yeah..."

Meg - Don't worry, I have returned...I'll start posting again soon as well.

"Uncle" Dani - Suffice it to say, I think I found what I was looking for. He was there.

Emmy - Next week? Lunch?

Nettle - A hearty 'amen' to what you said.

Val - That is one of the most flattering things which you guys could have done. I will have more photography up (as well as a site which is taking a bit more work than I thought...probably another week or three until it is finally done, but it will be worth it in the end).

Cari - It was fun to watch "Raymond" as he would lie down in the puddle and roll around. A few times, he just closed his eyes and would lie there, looking like he were sleeping. Of course, how much sleep could one get in a puddle with the rain peltering down I know not...

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