Friday, July 25, 2008

The Last Lecture

Pin It There are things and people we encounter in life who inspire us… these little wonders grab us, shake us, and refuse to let go. Today I’d like to share one of these people who changed me. By viewing this, I hope it will change you and become a part of your life as much as it has now become a part of mine.

Meet, Professor Randy Pausch, a man who’s made a tremendous impact on the lives of millions of people, a man who lived his childhood dreams of meeting Captain James T. Kirk and experiencing zero gravity, a man who fathered three children, a man who died today of pancreatic cancer.

The wisdom Mr. Pausch…only, he’d want to be called Randy—left behind speaks long after he is physically able to do so.

His message will inspire you.

Randy Pausch - ABC Special.

A condensed version of Randy's Lecture recently given on Oprah.

Randy Pausch's Last Lecture.

“The brick walls are there for a reason. The brick walls are not there to keep us out. The brick walls are there to give us the chance to show how badly we want something. Because the brick walls are there to stop the people who don’t want it badly enough. They’re there to stop the other people.”

- Randy Pausch


Kris said...

Two words .... Thank you!
He has inspired me and I hope this will inspire my Family.

Emily said...

This guy was really amazing in such an ordinary way. I saw him on Oprah (don't laugh). Really makes you stop and evaluate your life, and like he said, realize that we're ALL in the process of dying; that's life. I'm sad he passed away but he really was inspirational.

Gerb said...

Very inspiring. Thanks.

Lars said...

I divulged the book in a day. One of my favorite quotes ever, so true.

Teachinfourth said...

K - I'm glad he was able to do the same for you as for me.

E - I recently saw a billboard with him on it from The Foundation for a Better Life which said,

"Wrote a book on living while dying."

If that isn't inspirational, I don't know what is.

G - Thanks for reading.

L - A friend of mine bought me the book when we were standing at the bookstore. I had never even heard of him before that time. She said, "It will change your life."

She was right.

Natasha said...

I know I'm commenting two years after the fact, but I really appreciate you posting this. I remember Randy's Last Lecture. What an inspiration.

Teachinfourth said...

N - It was something which really stuck with me as well.

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