Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The fly

Pin It The fly buzzed around the room.

It kept landing on my computer, my head, my hands. No matter how often I would swat at it, it continued its annoying behavior. What is up with this? I thought to myself, That stupid fly has a 2,000 square foot house to be in, and yet it still feels the need to be right where I am. I noticed too that if I move to another room, this stupid fly does the same.

Is it lonely?

My dad and I go to this little restaurant whenever I go to Sandpoint; the Hoot Owl. He always jokes about the flies which buzz about the place, and how they are actually trained flies. He told me that they were kept in little cages and all had names. It made me laugh.

But I still hate them.

Chris Rice wrote a song several years ago entitled Deep Enough to Dream which makes me think of this pesky little fly…

Lazy summer afternoon
Screened in porch and nothin’ to do
I just kicked off my tennis shoes
Slouchin’ in a plastic chair
Rakin’ my fingers through my hair
I close my eyes and I leave them there
And I yawn, and sigh, and slowly fade away

Deep enough to dream in brilliant colors
I have never seen
Deep enough to join a billion people
For a wedding feast
Deep enough to reach out and touch
The face of the One who made me
And oh, the love I feel, and oh the peace
Do I ever have to wake up?

Awakened by a familiar sound
A clumsy fly is buzzin’ around
He bumps the screen and he tumbles down
He gathers about his wits and pride
And tries again for the hundredth time
‘Cause freedom calls from the other side
And I smile and nod, and slowly drift away

I like the song; I hate flies.


Bee said...

Thanks for the book recommendation. I've never read the Salamander Room (though I've heard of it), but I'll definitely check it out.

I own Because I Love You as well. It's a bit tougher for me to share at work because it talks about God, but the Green Nose book does not, so I'm able to read it at work because it just has analogies (which I love!).

If you think of any other great books to teach with, please send the titles my way.

Farscaper said...

I loved the last 2 picts where the parents are trying to sleep and the kids are jumping on the bed... followed by the one where the parents were able to coax the kids to snuggle in for a bit more sleep.

We do that every day. (I should say we try to do that every morning).

Um.... sleep... something I should go do. We need to start "retraining" everyone to get ready for school.

Kris said...

No flies down here its too hot!!!

Gerb said...

I used to pay my kids 5 cents for each fly they killed, back when Coolister was around 6 yrs. old. He brought me around 20 flies before I realized he was pulling the dead ones out of the base of the windows.

Pesky flies.

Grafxgurl said...

i like Chris Rice.

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