Friday, July 25, 2008

Strangely unfamiliar

Pin It I recently ended my hiatus of technology and found myself with dozens of blog entries to catch up on. I’ll admit, it was nice to read over the various and sundry details of your lives before facing the daunting task which lay before me.

My next entry.

What should I blog about this time? Really, the possibilities were endless and I found myself feeling a tad behind the times. I really felt like saying quite a lot, however, each idea which came to mind was quickly pushed out of the way by another which demanded my immediate attention.

Ah, my dilemma.

As a result, Adventures & Misadventures of Daily Living may be a bit out of sync and order. I may go back and forward over the past week and the things I learned, or simply the experiences I had while shutting out the world of technology. What a glorious few days…yet, I must be honest.

I missed you.

I know; I’m a needy friend.

I decided to come home on Thursday morning because I had a few fiends who’d planned on coming up to stay with me for a few days. Unfortunately, they were unable to come. However, I still arrived home between 1 and 2 am on Thursday morning and went to sleep for the next seven hours. When I awoke I felt the immediate need to clean my car.

I have this friend who is adamant that her car remain clean, and I find that I agree with her. A clean car runs so much more smoothly and just feels better to be in. After a much-needed wash, a vacuuming took place, interior scrub, and washage of the windows. Needless to say, my car ran so much better!

(Brilliantly-clean car seen through equally striking front windows)

I went to meet said friend for lunch and, upon driving the streets to which I should be familiar, I felt strangely foreign. I was now looking at these roads with new eyes and noticing—for the first time in a long time—just how everything really looked. I had become used to Hurricane, Utah and the home I’d stayed in; my own little world felt out of the ordinary. I looked around and saw nothing but nameless people. Even buildings I’d seen thousands of times looked vastly unusual to me now.

Would this place ever feel like home again?

I arrived at Café Rio early. I discretely took an outside table, and began rifling through my thoughts, one-by-one. I would glance up occasionally, still to sights which seemed far too unfamiliar to me until the moment my friend arrived.

Suddenly, I was home again.


smalltoes said...

I miss you!! I am glad your back and better than ever. I can't wait to see you tomorrow. There we will plan your adventures!

Danielle said...

Just move down here!

Kris said...

I agree with Danny, you need more family! You would feel really at home! And hey you were here the hottest part of the year.

Gerb said...

I only wash my car when I'm trying to increase the chances of rain. You probably could have guessed that. In behalf of our fine city may I say: Welcome home.

Michelle said...

Don't you hate when your friends don't make it up.....the girls and I ended up shopping in Vedas as Rich didn't take off work. I will actually be up your way tomorrow to drop the girls off at EFY and quickly visit a friend in the hospital. I will be thinking of your as we travel by! Glad to hear you made it home!

Michelle said...

By the way it was Vegas not Vedas! The wonderful world of spell check!

Teachinfourth said...

Shay-Shay - It was good to see you. We've got to get a get-together planned though, not just the work thing.

Uncle D - LOL

Kris - If I lived there, you guys wouldn't be as excited to see me anymore.

Gerb - Thanks. It's good to be back.

Michelle - I know that Rich just can't seem to pull himself away from work. I'll see you guys again sometime.

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