Sunday, July 6, 2008


Pin It I have decided to leave.

Where am I going?

I don’t know.

When will I be back?

Not sure of that just yet.

Will I blog while I am gone?

Probably, provided that there is Internet access where it is I end up going. If it’s out in the desert, probably not. If it is in Hurricane, Utah, it would be undoubtedly so.

Until then…



Anonymous said...

Have fun where ever it is you go. If you aren't able to blog, then we all must be patient until your return!
Be Safe!

Julie said...

Enjoy your trip!

Gerb said...

Happy journey.

Teachinfourth said...

KJ - It will be fun. Looks like I'll have a few updates since I'm at a friend's house.

Jewels - Will do.

Gerb - Thanks.

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