Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I promised myself

Pin It I stepped out of my warm home into the swirling of white flakes in the breaking of first morning light.

The mountains flanking the valley were blanketed in an array of ashen blue.

The call of the daybreak filled me with exhilaration…

I felt energized for the day.

I was excited for work.

I found myself thrilled with the fact that I’d be seeing my students.

I was going to get bagels at Einstein.

This thought had percolated in my subconscious mind yesterday afternoon…I was thinking of these fabulous bagels—possibly the best on the planet—and I decided to stop and get a few after work.

Unfortunately, they were closed for the day.


I made myself a promise that I’d go back today before I went to work.

I made good on my promise, and am glad that I did.


shawna said...

I've heard they are amazing but I don't think I've ever had one....hmmmmmmm.....maybe I should.

Emily said...

Just out of curiosity how do you get these shots with no one in the restaurants?!?!

cari said...

So, if I got you some bagels as a 'thank you' for letting Cole job shadow you, which kind would make you the happiest?

jayniemoon said...

Okay, I LOVE Einsteins. I used to eat there everyday for lunch in high school (bad, I know!). It has been years since I've been there now. So glad to see pictures of the great place! What kind did you get?
Do you like their soup?

Teachinfourth said...

Shoe - They are fantastic!

Em - It's all about timing. Also, standing just in the right place so that the tables(s) with people at them are not in the frame.

Cari - Bagel bagels would be great; however, nothing is necessary. I made him teach Math.

Jaynie - I ended up with blueberry and plain. With that fantastic cream cheese you just can't go wrong.

I have never actually eaten there before, just gotten the bagels. Maybe I should give their other menu items a whirl.

Bee said...

I had never eaten at Einstein's before until last school year. There is one up the road from me, and this is usually where my boss buys us breakfast from when we have staff development. Yum!

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