Thursday, February 5, 2009

I have a memory

Pin It Isn’t it odd just how often our memories can be triggered by a song, smell, or a taste of something from that time we’d left so many years before?

That’s so often how memories are for me.

I was walking through the halls of my elementary school a few years ago, and from somewhere I caught the scent of something I’d not smelled since my own elementary days. It was the smell of bamboo air freshener.

I was instantly transported back to Freeman Elementary School, in the first grade hallway walking to Mrs. Woodbury’s classroom. A moment later I’d returned to the present. However, the experience was so real, so vivid, and fantastic that for a moment I thought that I’d stepped through a conduit of time and space.

This also happens time to time when I hear a song, or eat something associated with a distant memory. It is this which brings me to my present post.

A dear friend and I were chatting not too long ago, and I mentioned these Hostess donuts my parents used to buy when I was a kid. I’m sure you’ve seen of them…they’re those nasty raspberry powdered kind.

As a kid I loved them.

My friend thought it would be fitting to bring me a box of these sugary delights. I opened the carton and a whiff of powdered sugar filled my senses as I reached in and lifted one from the container.

As I sank my teeth into this powdered delicacy, I was transported to the Columbia River…

The car was loaded with towels, an ice chest with lunch, and our swim gear.

Walking to the cold water over the scorching sand.

Catching minnows in a plastic cup.

Swimming to the floating dock.

Looking into the river depths and seeing shadowed reflections.

Floating on inner tubes and the smell of pine trees.

The asphalt parking lot strewn with pine needles.

Walking the logs and feeling brave, even though I never made it past the first one.

Campfires and the roasting marshmallows and hot dogs.

Riding in the canoe and smelling the sweet odor of the outdoors.

Warm summer breezes, and the sound of the pines rustling songs without words.

A moment later I was back in the present time, in my classroom. My students were at lab and would need to be picked up in a few minutes. I stood, as I did I looked into the box where now only two donuts gazed up at me.

Thanks, good friend, and thanks Hostess for a trip back to innocence.


mywest said...

I remember this as if just yesterday...and yes the hostess raspberry powdered donuts were the best.... That trip was at Clover Leaf on the Columbia river with my sister's family and Larry Engle. I have some great memories of the past and I'm saddened at how things have changed. Thanks for the memory and the great ending with Kenny Loggins... where another story could be told at Ring's and Things in Spokane with Kenny.

jayniemoon said...

I love this post! The pictures are so awesome! It is so great to hear/taste/smell something that reminds us of good times! Thanks!

MindyElias said...

Oh you so get it......memories are amazing :)

Hope you had a fabulous day!


Gerb said...

I loved this - what great pictures! My most vivid memory maker is stove-popped popcorn. It brings back some great times with my family. I love how good memories can be enjoyed again and again through the senses.

Kris said...

I remember also going there with your mom, and dad, Shawna, and you. I have pictures, of I know Josh, Lindsy and I there. Tire tubes and all. Smells remind me of many people as do songs. My dad it is Jergens lotion, my grandpa its onions and cheese, my aunt honeysuckle, Lindsy is "Annies Song" John Denver. I love those good memories that make us feel warm and at home. And not so old.

Anonymous said...

The summer before I went to high school, I had a beau who knew I loved Hostess O's and Dr. Pepper. He would bring a six-pack of bottled Dr. Pepper and a box of O's and leave it on my porch at night at least once a week. I took it directly to my bedroom and didn't share with anyone. You brought that memory back for me...thanks!

shawna said...

Great trip down memory lane....isn't it wonderful how we often stumble into our own personal time machines, even if its only for a moment? have to share that story. Are you saying you met Kenny Loggins at Rings 'n' Things?!?!? I remember being so upset when you and mom went to the "Keep the Fire" concert and didn't take me along...

Danielle said...

That was awesome. Made me think of when I lived in Chewelah and we'd go to Browns lake....same description! I LOVE IT!!! And I love how things can "transport" you back to those good times!!

K.J. said...

memories are wonderful! I love it when something so small brings back something special that was being stored in the back of the brain!
I loved the story!

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