Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Mr. Z Day

Pin It Today was “Mr. Z Day.”

I decided this last night.

So, what is Mr. Z Day? Well, in actuality, it can be just about anything I would like—hence the wonder of this magnificent holiday.

As many of you know (or may not know) I eat lunch nearly every day with my students—this is something I’ve done for nearly 6 years as an educator. The kids take pleasure in their teacher eating with them, and it saves me from that dreaded facility room (or the exile of my classroom…which is a welcome place to eat occasionally).

Today I took chicken nuggets and tater buttons to school.

However, I wanted to have a lunch that was a bit classier. It always amazes me what one can do when they add a modest amount of ingenuity, a place setting mat, silverware, and garnish it all off with vegetation.

I received quite a few inquiring looks, many compliments, and even a few shocked questions. All of these were deflected—or accepted—in the name of Mr. Z Day.

“Why are you cutting your chicken nuggets with a knife and fork?”

“Because eating with one’s hands is so déclassé. And I prefer them to be called, ‘Chicken a-la Nugget.’ They taste so much better this way; Ah, the wonder of Mr. Z Day!”

“Why don’t you drink your pop from the can? Why are you dirtying a glass?”

“Because the fine goblet enhances the exquisite taste of the beverage. Ah, the beauty of Mr. Z Day!”

“Why do you have flowers at the table, Mr. Z?”

“It adds to the ambience.”

“What’s an ambience?”

“The general feeling of a place…the mood.”

“It sure makes it prettier.”

“Indeed it does. Mr. Z Day…enjoy it!”

“So, just when IS Mr. Z Day? If we’d have known, we all could have brought fancy things to eat with, too.”

“I never quite know when it happens…it just does.”

One of my students raised her milk carton, “To Mr. Z Day!”

“To Mr. Z Day!” Several others all repeated as they raised their cartons—and I my fine crystal glass of soda—all in order to commemorate the moment.

I think tomorrow will be Mr. Z Day as well…


cari said...

That's awesome!

Gerb said...

Very classy... are those nuggets or crip-y strips?

Kris said...

You slay me Mr. Z!

shawna said...

I want a Z day of my own!

I guess I kind of do that already...I just never announce it. My "personal holiday" usually involves giving myself a day, or even an hour to drive around, exploring new places and re-visiting old ones, or going out to plumb the hidden depths of antique/junk stores in search of the perfect trinket (whether I buy it or not).

Regardless, I hope you had a happy Z day yesterday and that today is an even better one. You deserve it!

MindyElias said...

I love love love that you have lunch with your kids! So much of life happens and is discussed in a 5th graders world during a school lunch and you get to be there for it!

Hope you are having a fabulous Mr. Z Day :)


Panama Jones said...

It just . . . happens. I love it. Were those tater a-la-tots, too?

Lydia said...

Happy Mr. Z day

Bee said...

You know, Mr. Z, when I was single, I did things like this quite often. My coworkers had a hard time understanding me. My boss would literally look at me, roll her eyes, and make a comment about how she must really love me to put up with me and my "Elise" days.

Since getting married, I've quit doing things like this as much. I don't need to let that happen! You have inspired a friend and me to do this on Monday! We'll be celebrating Mr. Z day right along with you. But if you don't mind we'll call it our day too. She's bringing the red place mats, and I'm bringing the goblets and centerpieces. Thank you for the inspiration. I'll let you know how it goes. Heck, I may take photos and blog about it. If I do, I'll give you the credit! Wouldn't it be cool if you started a nationwide frenzy of teachers eating in style with their students?

BTW, this is one of my favorite postings you've done yet. The photograph made me crack up!

annette said...

VERY creative! May there be many more "Z" dayz to come.

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