Monday, February 9, 2009

I miss you

Pin It I never realized just how dependent I’d become on our relationship; how much I’d come to love having you around…until now.

I mean, we’d only become acquainted with each other about a year ago.

At first, you seemed complicated…so difficult to understand. So… foreign. I was not used to the way in which you worked.

However, over time that changed. As I came to appreciate just how you went about things, it became easier. I remember taking you with me everywhere I went. At the store, you always made the time go more quickly. You brought a spring to my step and enthralled me with stories I’d have you tell me again and again. Out in the desert, just the two of us watching the sunset, would fill me with a sense of wonder.

The other night I tried to sleep without you there, lulling me to a slumber with your melodious tones. I lay awake for hours, waiting for sleep to come, but sleep would not.

When the time came for you and I to say goodbye, I felt that a little piece of me had been torn away. You were my link to so many memories and reminders of days gone by. What would I do without you there to play for me? To help the time to go quicker?

Simply put…to be

I know that our separation will only be temporary. In 4 to 6 weeks, you will return feeling as good as new, and will continue to play a part in my life.

I will miss you until your return…


MindyElias said...

You are hysterical.........I always think it's going to be something juicy and really thought provoking and it's about a cookie or better yet, your funny!

The Scotts said...

Lol! how did I know it was an ipod?!?

shawna said... knew it was an Ipod because who else would he take to the desert with him!?

So....once you get your "dear friend" back in your life are you just going to abandon that new MP3 player you got?!?!

How fickle are the hearts of men.... ;D

Kris said...

Um need a girlfriend!!!

Gerb said...

4 to 6 WEEKS? Are they completely rebuilding it and manufacturing every part by hand?!

OK... deep breaths... you can make it.

Teachinfourth said...

ME - I can't tell you how much I miss that's only been two days!

J&J - Great minds...

Shoe - The Phillips means nothing to me...I figured that out at the get-go. There was never a long-time commitment between us.

Kris - Got one handy?

Gerb - Yeah, that's exactly what I thought...well, maybe not EXACTLY what I thought, but the sentiment was the same.

I am currently using a CD player/walkman. I can't believe that this thing still works!

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