Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Dinner with a friend

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I met with my dear, old friend tonight.
We drove to our favorite place.

As we ate, a solitary stream of sunlight reached longingly from the distant window to warm our table.

It was a welcome visitor.


Emily said...

If I ate there as often as I want I would be broke and weigh a million pounds...but it would be so worth it.

mywest said...

Sounds like you were on a photo shoot and went to a favorite restaurant where you were able to capture the sunlight warming your table with your camera. Stop being like your dad...who enjoyed the desert sunrise by himself..

Kris said...

I love how you captured the lighting!
Mywest you crack me up!
Jason when I move into my new home I want to buy a few picture of yours.

K.J. said...

I loved the way you captured the sunlight coming throught the windows. I love to find a sun spot and sit in it when ever I get the chance! Sunshine seems to brighten up the day!

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