Sunday, February 15, 2009

Moments with Joey - The Dog

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SCENE 1, INTERIOR, AFTERNOON, SIXTH GRADE CLASSROOM: A teacher is standing on a chair by the door, holding his hand up near the ceiling. His students, in turn, try to jump up and give him a high five on their way out. Most are unsuccessful with the exception of a small handful that are at a definite height advantage.

As the class files out and hurry to buses, one student lingers behind at his desk, digging around for his homework.

You’d better hurry up or you’ll miss your bus, Joey.

[Boy looks up from his desk and crams a few books into his already-filled-to-capacity backpack. Teacher strolls to his own desk and begins to correct papers. The student stands for a moment or two, and then walks up to the teacher's desk.]

Hey, Mr. Z?



I wish you were a dog.

[Teacher looks up, surprised at the comment.]

You do? Why?

Because then I could take you home and ask my mom if I could keep you.

[The boy pauses for another beat, shoulders his backpack, and then walks out the doorway with a grin. The teacher, still in obvious surprise, sits speechless at his desk.]

Fade to black.


The Scotts said...

Ha!! Nice!! Gotta say, I've never gotten that one before!

shoezimm said...

Okay, THAT is one of the funniest things you've posted yet. You should ask him what kind of dog he'd want you to be!

K.J. said...

What a comment! They are with you all day, and can't get enough of you...that says A LOT about you!
You are One Super Special Teacher!

Deo Volente said...

LOL!!! Just goes to show the kind of teacher you are, instead of taking it personally you simply asked why, well done.

Kris said...

You are not suppose to stand on chairs!!!!!

Gerb said...

That Joey is one funny kid.

Actually, I suppose he's every funny kid.

A dog. Classic.

007 Penguin said...

I wish you had been a dog when you lived here in Spokane, so I could have said "STAY!" and you would have! Miss you. Thanks for the laugh.

Lydia said...

I love the crazy things kids say.

annette said...

Man's (or in this case, student's) Best Friend :)

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