Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What do I Write? 101 Ideas for the Bloggingly-Challenged

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There are times when I have great difficulty in trying to find something to write about. I know that others face this same dilemma from time to time so I decided to put together a list of 101 ideas that may (or may not) help to cure you of your own blogging block.
  1. Write a tutorial – Tell your readers how to do something.
  2. Write a review about someone else’s blog that you like.
  3. Invite your readers to submit a post for your blog.
  4. Ask your readers what they’d like to hear about from you.
  5. Write about a favorite childhood memory or two.
  6. Do a post that answers your readers’ questions.
  7. Create a post that solves a problem.
  8. Write about something you find to be inspirational.
  9. Critique a movie and post a review.
  10. Tell your readers about your favorite/least favorite teacher.
  11. Share your most (appropriate) embarrassing moment.
  12. Have photos of yourself as a child and write about them.
  13. Write a post about meeting someone famous.
  14. Share a recipe you invented or one you really like.
  15. Post a list of your favorite songs and share why they are important to you.
  16. Tell about the best day of your life.
  17. Write three questions you’d love to ask a person that you can no longer ask.
  18. Review a favorite book.
  19. Create a list of the ‘greatest hits’ of your blog.
  20. Do a compare/contrast post: people vs. presents.
  21. Write about something you are optimistic about.
  22. Talk about a pet peeve.
  23. Share the best advice you have ever received.
  24. Write about your favorite thing about yourself.
  25. Talk about a struggle you were able to overcome.
  26. Respond to criticism you’ve received for a post or have seen on another’s post.
  27. Share a day with nothing but pictures.
  28. Let others know things that have worked well in your household (parenting tips, etc.,).
  29. Share links to your favorite five blogs.
  30. Talk about the person in your life who’s been your greatest inspiration.
  31. Tell others what you’ve done to help maintain your weight – give them ideas for doing better.
  32. Post about the funniest dinner with your family/friends.
  33. Write a birthday post where you celebrate your mother.
  34. Compose a few paragraphs about what would make the world ideal.
  35. Post about a vacation or trip you’ve taken.
  36. Think of your favorite toy and write about it.
  37. Post about things that are popular and why you believe they’re beneficial ( e.g., Facebook)
  38. Create a ‘How to ___________for dummies’ post about something you’re good at.
  39. Write about the things that make you smile.
  40. Write a persuasive article about something you’re passionate about; try to get your readers to agree with you.
  41. Compose a poem, or write about a favorite one you have.
  42. Blog about the good things happening in your community.
  43. Do a shout-out for your favorite local band/artist so that others can learn about them.
  44. Write a post where one of your favorite people in the media interviews you.
  45. Tell about your favorite (or an unusual) hobby and update your readers on your progress.
  46. Share an experience where you received excellent customer service.
  47. Do a 20 questions post with photos.
  48. Challenge your readers to do something, and then comment anonymously about it.
  49. Write a Thought of the Month.
  50. Talk about your favorite place.
  51. Tell about someone who inspired you to be a better person.
  52. Write a post where you give a summarization of someone else’s post.
  53. Write about how things have changed from the time when you were a child.
  54. Pick three words from the dictionary and incorporate them into a creative writing endeavor.
  55. Tell about your favorite tradition.
  56. Have a contest or challenge encouraging visitors to comment or subscribe.
  57. Create a post that uses a chart of some type.
  58. Trade off one day with someone else and post on each others’ blogs (probably emailing your writings instead of giving out passwords).
  59. Post about free things you’ve discovered (share the love).
  60. Tell your readers about your favorite holiday/season/type of weather.
  61. Create a list of the greatest/worst gifts one can give for a birthday or Christmas.
  62. Do a superhero post.
  63. Write a script about someone who makes you laugh.
  64. Write an Ode to Today.
  65. Invite others to send you pictures and spotlight readers of your blog.
  66. Challenge your readers to do something a bit different.
  67. Do a post to mock chick flicks.
  68. Create your own movie poster.
  69. Write about a time someone did something nice for you.
  70. Share a favorite clip from YouTube.
  71. Write about a prank you pulled on somebody else.
  72. Invite your readers to meet for lunch and then write about the experience
  73. Write a ‘hodgepodge’ post about this, that, and the other. 
  74. Post a review for a game you discovered that you really enjoy. l
  75. Write a post about something you find to be ridiculous
  76. Write a post about something that you find to be merely “good” but not all that “great”.
  77. Create a poll for your readers and write a post based on the results.
  78. Tell your readers about that one drawer in your house…yeah, you know the one.
  79. Share about the most amazing thing you’ve ever seen.
  80. Write about things you’re thankful for in your life.
  81. Review your favorite restaurant.
  82. Write about your favorite pet.
  83. Give ideas of what to do when you’re bored.
  84. Talk about the ‘in’ places of your town.
  85. Tell about your favorite childhood book and why it means so much to you.
  86. Give advice to someone just starting out in ______________.
  87. Write about what respect means to you.
  88. Write a post where you use as much descriptive language as you can to draw your reader in.
  89. Share wisdom you’ve gleaned over the years (why the sky is blue, why leaves are green, etc.,) You know, give people a little sompthin-sompthin for their ‘gee whiz’ collection.
  90. Talk about an idiom you’ve heard before and what you used to think it meant.
  91. Write a secret.
  92. Share a joke or story to make others laugh.
  93. Write about a narrow escape you had from trouble.
  94. Write about something you’ve done that nobody else has done.
  95. Your first encounter with (or as) a bully.
  96. Write about a time you really put your foot into your mouth.
  97. Write about coping with ________________ (brothers and sisters, headaches, etc.,)
  98. Talk about a visit to a hospital, doctor’s office, or dentist.
  99. Blog about things we can learn about our own lives about the things we see around us.
  100. How to stop ________________ (smoking, hiccups, bad dreams, etc.,)
  101. Make a list of ten things you’d like to do before you die.
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Kristina said...

Nothing Hoff related, huh?

firewifekate said...

Great list, thanks for the inspiration!

*passes the teacher an apple*

Jenny said...

Great ideas, when I have bloggers block I am using a few of these ideas.

Chris said...

I just came across this list this morning after having told my girlfriend yesterday, "I could use some tools to help me come up with ideas for topics." I didn't search for it. It just came to me serendipitously. :) Great stuff, especially for a "noob" blogger like me. Thanks! New subscriber, too.

Mindee said...

Oh my goodness, I so needed this. I'm bookmarking for future reference. Thank you!

Cheeseboy said...

This is absolutely genius. I will definitely reference it, although I will probably twist every idea just a little to make it funny.

Gerb said...

I guess I have no excuse to not write over the next 101 days. How long did it take you to compile this list?!

T said...

I should probably print this out - considering I've resorted to mindless rants and whining far too often lately :)

Jayne said...

Perfect. Now I just need a list of how to get my other tasks out of the way so I can spend time writing instead!

Karen said...

These are pretty darned good. I usually just don't write if I don't have a topic, but I think I'm going to borrow one of these next time

Teachinfourth said...

Karen, borrow away.

Gerb, it took about two hours in all...okay, more like three to get it all worked out and linked.

Abe, feel free to twist and turn as you will.

Chris, thanks for stopping by. Use any of the ideas that will work for you.

Kate, isn't that funny how apples and teachers seem to be something people associate with each other? I had a student bring me an apple not that long ago...I would have liked it better had it been from the Rocky Mountain Candy Co. which would have meant that it would have been covered in caramel, chocolate, Butterfinger bits, and Skor chunks.

Oh well...

Anonymous said...

Love it!

MamaFace said...


#67. Why would anyone want to do that? :)

Just SO said...

I so need this. I think I'll print it out and hang it by my computer.

Anonymous said...

This is fabulous, and just what I needed! Thanks!!

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