Sunday, April 26, 2009

The kite

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Last weekend I went to the kite festival in St. George. I’d never attended this event before; it was a nice little digression while on my latest trip. However, it was not quite what I had anticipated. There were far more kites littering the ground than those ascending to the skies; however, even these were not a few.

I stayed for just a little while; it felt odd when I was kiteless at such a gala. Of course, I could have purchased a kite there, but when I already had two kites at home, this made a purchase of this type especially pointless, particularly when most of the kites there were of the Hannah Montana and Transformers variety.

A few days after, I had a friend whom I took a few shots of her son with a kite as well; I added these into the montage. As she and I talked, she made a comment which got me to thinking. It was this thinking which brought on the following:

Little Koys

Little boys
Like kites pull at their strings
Slowly they will rise.
Golden summers will end
And like one another
in a flurry of brilliant color
Will one day fly away.



Janett said...

As I wipe a tear from the corner of my eye I feel the need to tell you thank you... for capturing moments that fly away too fast but because of you will always last. Thank you for sharing your talents, both photographic and poetic. J

MindyElias said...

Okay so that was last weekend....what did you do this weekend?

PS---I am going to email you on :)


Gerb said...

I see daily the much-too-speedy progression of my children. I look at my baby boy, then my 4-year-old, then All-a-Boy and Coolister and can recall when Coolister was at each of these stages with vivid memory. I guess, in relation to kites, you could definitely say that 'time flies'.

Great post.

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