Monday, April 13, 2009

Bill Peet

Pin It I am curious…have you ever heard this name before?

If you haven’t, you’re probably envisioning a type of moss seed or fertilizer; however, I can assure you that he is neither of the two.

Bill Peet is an author…one I highly recommend. He is a wonderful writer/illustrator who worked for Disney Studios for 27 years. Yet, this is not the reason I would urge you to check out his work; it’s because I love his books. He has wonderful stories which are easy to connect to, and lessons which can simply be taught through the medium of his tales.

In a word—his books are brilliant.

I recently assigned my class to create a mini-book based on the American Hero they selected a few weeks ago. I thought it would be nice for them to have an example which they could look at when it came time to make their own booklet. I started this project at 4:30 this afternoon and I just finished. Granted, I didn’t draw any of the illustrations, these came from his autobiography (which, by the way, is incredible). But it still took a while to put together.

So, for this post I thought I’d share a few screen captures of the mini-book I plan to share with my class tomorrow.

Just know…I know that this isn’t ‘amazing’ material, it’s more to simply share with you the great author which I have come to love.

Goodnight, bloggers.

P.S. I recommend starting off with Big Bad Bruce, Cyrus the Unsinkable Sea Serpent, Cowardly Clyde, Eli, & The Wingdingdilly should you choose to check him out.


Bradpetehoops said...

So pretty pencil drawings!

Graton said...

I guess it was about a year ago now, but at one point we were checking out several of his books a week. My favorite was the crab who overcomes his self-centered ways and enlists a seagull to help him deliver an ocean treasure to the poor family of a boy who did him a good turn. Some are in verse others not and I liked the versed ones best.

007penguin said...

Love Bill Peet! One of my favorites from childhood and beyond! Love the Worldly Pig, Unsinkable Serpent, etc. And great project you put together!

Linn said...

Wow. Amazing, thanks so much for sharing!

Gerb said...

Very nice of Bill Peet to draw pictures that went right along with your retelling of his life.

I haven't read any of his books yet - I'm excited to go check some out at our next trip to the library.

GaeLynn said...

You made me love Bill Peet when you were Ashley's teacher!

A Lark said...

A PE teacher at my school once read a Bill Pete book in an assembly.....I think it was about 9 years ago.

Teachinfourth said...

Brad - Bill Peet is an amazing artist, isn't he?

Graton - I love Kermit the Hermit as well. Great story with a great moral.

Kara - Cyrus is a personal favorite of mine, too. I learned that his book about Chester is a sort of self-biography about his life with Disney Studios...crazy!

Linn - If you haven't read any of them yet, you'll love them.

Gerb - He and I are tight like that.

GaeLynn - Glad to know there is another person out there who's been touched by the magic of Bill Peet. Thanks for stopping did you find your way here?

Janelle - Wow, he must have been pretty doggone gutsy...or brainless.

Jayne said...

I do love Bill Peet! Your project is awesome. I haven't read a couple you recommended, so I'm anxious to give them a try!

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