Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Dream big

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We all have dreams.

We have aspirations and things we wish to accomplish before our limited time on this earth has reached its conclusion; things to see finished before the curtain is drawn on the final act of our lives.

I know that I do.

Whatever the dream, don’t let it die.

Dream on


It’s a little bit funny, I remember as a kid thinking that world was entirely at my disposal; a very large place which was just waiting to be explored and discovered.

You know what though?


Deo Volente said...

It most certainly is...

Gerb said...

Amen. Keep dreaming big.

mywest said...

Even at my age I still have dreams, some bigger than others....most of all I have great memories of being a husband and father and you as one of my children. Love, Dad

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