Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Pin It Moments pass in our lives like the playing of a favorite song on the radio. For a brief instant it is there, weaving itself into the fabric of now, becoming part of the tapestry of living. Then it is gone, leaving behind the memory which, like that weaving, can become faded with the onslaught of time.

Today I found myself slipping into yesterday.

I had a visit after school from a boy I had mentored for two years; he’d showed up without warning. It wasn’t long before he was telling me about his recent experiences of life, about his upcoming graduation from high school, and his countless memories of yesterday.

As I listened to him talk of the past, I found myself slipping into the days back when he was shorter than I was; I was his mentor so long ago. It seemed another lifetime, really; back before facial hair and critical life decisions.

As we talked about the moments he’d—or I’d—forgotten, we both laughed. It was a moment where I found myself, just for just a minute, stepping into yesterday. After nearly an hour, this young man left. Yet I found myself still milling over the words of our conversation.

When I came home I did a little digging; it wasn’t long before I unearthed a DVD I’d put together of a camping trip I’d recorded of this young man and two other boys I had been mentor to. As I slipped the disk into the player, and the room ignited with the light of the screen, as also it did with the remembrance of times past.

I laughed out loud. I found myself inundated with memories of a trip with these three boys which was a lot of fun. I missed them. I started to miss all of the kids I’ve been a mentor to over the past decade of my time on this earth.

As the video came to and end, I sat in the dark room; I began to wonder about them all. What were they up to now? How were their lives going? What type of people had they grown up to be?

I could only hope that they had all turned out…good.

“Over the course of the average lifetime you meet a lot of people. Some of them stick with you through thick and thin. Some weave their way through your life and disappear forever. But once in a while someone comes along who earns a permanent place in your heart”

—Kevin Arnold, The Wonder Years

By all means, this collage does not show every child I’ve mentored, but it is a sampling of those who’ve weaved their way into my life throughout this past decade.

I hope to have others who will do the same.



mywest said...

Have I made a difference in the world today.....sometimes you never know until someone from the past walks into your room or back into your life even for just a moment of time. I hope this doesn't sound to strange but I would have loved to have grown up being your son! Love, DAD

Gerb said...

You look so young in those pictures! Almost like you could be close to the same age as the boys. Another wonderfully written, thoughtful post. Thanks for helping bring back some of my own memories of yesterdays past as well.

Mamma has spoken said...

I think the kids we work with touch our lives more than we ever touch theirs. Your post proves it. Great reflective piece!

Meg said...

This is sweet. I love the Wonder Years quote.

Kris said...

Even though I have only worked here for 3 years I have kids come by. Some call me Mom. I have to give them hugs. Of course with me they see me in a different light. Nicer?

Lydia said...

You have left the mark on many kids. Thanks for being someone my kids can look up to.

A Lark said...

So this was all back before you had facial hair and had made any crucial life decisions? (: hee hee

Wasn't that just last year that you were mentoring those boys? How have we packed so much living into just a couple of years since college?

Can I be a thread?

Michelle said... fun, kinda like when I came back into your life awe..... Just kidding, but no that sounded fun, I like when we have those pay dirt occurances!:)

annette said...

How wonderful that he would stop by and see you. How would we know if we made a difference if it wasn't for those who come back to say "Hi"?

Deo Volente said...

That was so beautifuly said, quote included.

Janett said...

You are so much more then just a mentor, you are a friend, someone they can come to with questions or problems and someone they can look up to and aspire to be like. Thank you! Thank you for being you!

sammisue said...

thanks Z now im crying. its so true though. some will always be with you and others will just make a huge impression in your life and leave but you still have those memories and lessons you learned from them. there is a song called for good it talks about that how people are sent to you to teach you what you needed to know in life.

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