Sunday, April 12, 2009

Small and simple

Pin It Writing this blog was difficult.

I say difficult simply for the reason that it was.

The words wouldn’t pour from my head the way which I wanted them to.

Draft after draft was written, rewritten, discarded, and restarted.

I walked away from my computer. Some time later I returned.

I have found that I cannot force myself to write, and have it sound the way that I’d really like it to. I usually squander my time with my proverbial wheels spinning in mudsling of ineffectual words.

You get the point…I get stuck.

However, I digress…

I have always realized that it is really the smallest of acts which can make the biggest difference for others in this life. In fact, great man once said that it is by the small and simple things we do, that the truly great things can come to pass.

I myself have been the beneficiary of so many ‘little things’ throughout the years; today was not an exception.

I awoke early, got ready, and headed out for the day. As I opened the front door I was greeted with a neon-green bag filled with various Easter goodies—a gift from a friend of mine who just wanted to drop off a little ‘holiday magic.’

I won’t say that I wasn’t grateful, because I was. A little smile stretched across my face, and I couldn’t help but let it stay with me for the remainder of the day.

A few hours later I returned home and once-again began to write on my blog posting for today. As I typed away at the keyboard, a knock sounded at the door.

My roommate went to check who it was; standing there were two neighborhood children whom I’ll surname, Kelton & Breanna.

“Is Teachinfourth here?” came the hesitant question.

My roommate opened the door wide and the two children crossed the threshold, bringing with them a plastic Easter bucket filled with various holiday candy and purple grass.

“Happy Easter!” They both proclaimed. “We brought you treats!”

As they presented their little goodie bucket to me, I felt what was spoken of in Margret Lindsey’s poem, The Little Things:

“The little things are the most worthwhile
Quiet word, a look, a smile.
A listening ear that’s quick to hear,
Another’s thoughts, another’s cares.
Although these things may seem quite small,
These little things mean most of all.”

~ Margaret Lindsey

These are only two of the ‘little things’ which have happened this week for which I am grateful; I really would like to write about them all—however, I’ll put forth a little restraint and not do so. Just know this; it really is those little things which truly make the biggest difference. There is no act of kindness which is wasted on another.


mywest said...

Acts of kindness...a little holiday magic. I wonder if this magical moment would have happened if you were just a average teacher who taught but didn't care if the individual learned and your job was done when the bell rang and school was out. I know better...

007penguin said...

Your post reminded me of one of my and mom's favorite poems called "Altar Smoke" by Rosalie Grayer. Look it up, its too long to quote here, but here's the first few lines...

"Somewhere inside of me
there must have always been
a tenderness
for the little, lived-with things
a man crowds upon his worn fisful of earth."

Sending a "little" love your way on this Easter sabbath. -K

Gerb said...

I also have times where I sit and can not put into adequate words the thoughts that swirl in my head. I think you did well, though.

The small and simple things do make a huge difference.

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