Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Storm

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Everyone around me was chanting the same thing—only I can’t remember what it was. They were all beckoning for me to do the same; I was soon trying to out-scream my dad and friends who were egging me onward with the crowd I was sitting amongst. All around me were people I knew; you were there, too.

I woke.

It was somewhere around 5 a.m. and the pain was horrible

The new medication has done wonders in taming down my once-horrendous migraines into something more of, “hmmm…there appears to be a mild head pain in here someplace.”

This morning was different.

Light hurt. Sound hurt. Heck, even being hurt.

Nothing I did seemed to help with this one. Hot showers. Cold showers. Pressure points. Dr. Pepper. Breakfast. Fresh air. Pulling hair. Sleep. Excedrin. Ibuprofen.

Results? Nada, nothing, nil, zip…

I rode the storm out, feeling like I was going to retch. This one was ghastly and not something I’d wish on my worst enemy…well, maybe my worst enemy would be okay.

The tempest has since cooled itself down into a mild storm; a storm I can manage.

Thank goodness today is the first day of spring break.


Lydia said...

That doesn't sound like a good way to start spring break. I hope it gets better.

shawna said...

Hopefully you were still at home and not out in the world on your mini vacation. Sorry you were hurting....and I hope you have a great mini vacation.

Mamma has spoken said...

Ahh what a way to start your spring break :o( Hope it gets better!

jayne said...

Hope to have a happier conclusion to spring break in a couple of days!

mywest said...

Doesn't sound their other medication you could use? Hope you sleep well tonight my son. Love, DAD

Deo Volente said...

So sorry you had to go through that, hope you feel better soon. Seems like "storm" was the word of the day yesterday...I hope your spring break improves.

Michelle said...

WOW that is an amazing photo!!! I hope it gets better...maybe a trip South will cure it :)

Kris said...

Aw I am so sorry for your pain. I pray for your relief!

hintonrae said...

Amazing photo, and as a fellow migraine sufferer,
I see/feel/hear/completely share your pain. Some things that might help (I've been suffering since I was 12...around 20 some yrs now) 1) don't take regular pain meds. Just learned that headaches are constriction of blood vessels, while migraines are dilation of same. Advil, etc, work to solve the constriction (i.e., expand they are exacerbating the migraine problem). Get the migraine pain relievers. 2) if you suffer on a frequent or fairly reg basis, check into Topamax. That has dulled mine quite significantly, even though it has not taken them completely away. It's a daily preventive med that you take, not a pain reliever, so you'd still need both.

Good luck, any q's let me know.


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