Monday, June 9, 2008

Life updates

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I found a disk yesterday.

On this disk I had saved numerous programs for my computer should it one day find itself in need of replacement, repair, or death...I hadn’t seen this disk for quite some time, and wasn’t sure what was on it, I had simply named it, “Computer Programs.”

Quite catchy, eh?

Well, I began to peruse my files on said disk and suddenly realized just how outdated these programs were.

Cool Edit 2000 (Hello, it’s now 2008)
Music Match Jukebox (Who even uses this thing anymore?)
Winamp 2.8 (They are now on version 5.53)
DivX 2.0 alpha (6.8 is the new standard)
Nero 5.5 (Try 10 today)

Needless to say, I threw the disk away.

I think about my life and how it, like these programs, it can become “outdated.” That is, if I allow myself to become stagnant and make no progression. Like these software titles, life is a thing which could also use some serious updating, or just won’t quite be compatible with the world around us.

However, there was one program I salvaged from the disk…

Some things just never grow old…


Kris said...

I really think things should be saved just in case we don't find one like it ever again! Did that make sense?

shoezimm said...

Mrs. Packman! (the only woman that every guy encouraged to eat everything in sight without freaking out!) I loved that game, but even more I loved Centipede and Joust....remember those? sigh. The good old days when I could actually understand what a video game wanted me to do in order to win!

Gerb said...

I'm with shoezimm! I had the high score on the Mrs. Pacman machine for a glorious 2 weeks at a burger joint adjacent to my middle school.

Good times.

Teachinfourth said...

Kris - Hence, Ms. Pac man is safely stored in two places.

Shoe - Much better than regular Pac-Man I must say...better levels.

Gerb - Rock on. My friends and I used to sneak to the grocery store to play that thing...maybe we'll have to have a little showdown one of these days.

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