Friday, June 20, 2008

Room 18

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I went out to my new school today.

I guess it’s official.

After all, when it is engraved in gold, it has to be real.



Gerb said...

Pretty fancy. There's no turning back now!

Emily said...

REAL gold?!?!
When do you start up?

Julie said...

Looks pretty official to me!

cari said...

It's kind of weird to see "Zimmerman" all spelled out like that. I almost forgot that was your name. :)

Teachinfourth said...

Gerb - Gold plating always makes things look more official. I made an award once with a clothes iron and a curling iron. I sprayed them both with gold paint and they looked pretty cool when I was done.

Emmy - If it were, I think I'd have to sell it and live off of the profits. I believe we start around the 18th of August.

Jewels - My SSV version was seems more official.

Cari - I thought the same thing when I saw it and wished I could have told them to just put "Mr. Z" on it. Ah goes on.

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