Friday, June 27, 2008

There was a boy named Ryan

Pin It Ryan was given his whole allowance for the week, and he was very excited to spend it. However, before he could make it to the store, his brother asked to “borrow” a part of it. Ryan was more than happy to help his brother out, and gave up a bit of his allowance. As he walked down the street, his friend, Sabrina, told him that she needed some money in order to get something she wanted. She asked Ryan for some of his allowance too, which he happily gave to her. He was only able to make it a few more houses down the block before Mark, his best friend, told him that he really needed some money. Ryan gave him a few dollars of his allowance.

This patterned continued until Ryan finally arrived at the store some time later. When he did get there, he reached into his pocket and found that he had none of his allowance remaining.

Now, I ask. Was Ryan wrong in giving away all of his money, which wouldn’t be repaid by the people he’d met along the way?

I don’t want an answer.

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