Tuesday, June 3, 2008

I miss you

Pin It I thought of you today.

A song came on the radio, and it bought me back to the last time we were together.

I still remember every little detail about you; the way the wind would blow around you, the sweet-lingering smell, and the way the sunlight would glint from your beautiful features.

I miss you more than you’ll ever know.

I am planning to come and visit again soon. I promise. It won’t be long before we’re together again.

I miss the desert.


shoezimm said...

do you know how many girls were probably holding their breath from that blog until the downer at the end? heartless.....completely heartless!

Miya said...

That album always reminds me of the desert too. I was looking at the pictures from that trip we had with Dad, and I do have to admit...as much as I love green, I do miss certain things about the desert. I think I just like the feeling of being completely alone in a place that makes me feel like I'm the only one in the whole world whose ever been there.

I tried to get Roy to listen to Nickel Creek, but he just laughs when I play it :(

Farscaper said...

You know the old saying that you never appreciate something until you don't have it any more? I grew up in AZ. Desert was everywhere! I wondered why so many of these older people would talk about this crazy, hot, dry place I lived in with such passionate and loving words. Well, now I don't live there and I can finally see its beauty. When we drive over the reservation and I see these tall reddish orange mountains shooting straight up all around I am amazed at their beauty.

I still don't want to live there. Just visit. Personally... I'd rather live where I can have wisteria vines dripping from the eves of my storybook cottage. Large sturdy trees lining the edges of the street with their branches reaching out as if yearning to hug the tree across the way.

I'm so tired of ROCKS!!!

Kris said...

O.K. I love the desert! But I do miss the green trees of Calif. and Washington. But nothing can compare to a desert rainstorm! And I ditto what Shoez. said, you probably had a few going there! Beautiful!

Gerb said...

Tell the desert hi for me.

Julie said...

The desert is a remarkable place to visit with great adventures to be had.

Teachinfourth said...

Shoe - We all have a little heartlessness inside of us, don't we?

Meem - I love what you said about the feeling of being completely alone...there is something to that isolation, isn't there.

As for Roy, hopefully one day you can get him to see the light.

FS - I don't know as if I would enjoy the desert so much if it were always around me. I tend to take things for granted if they're too readily available, you know?

P.S. Great wording with the line, "sturdy trees lining the edges of the street with their branches reaching out as if yearning to hug the tree across the way."

Love it.

Kris - Rock on, desert, rock on!

Gerb - I'll pass along your best regards.

Jewels - Amen, sister!

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