Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Writing update - There's a lot to do

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I just read over a BUNCH of information about becoming a published author, and there is a LOT more to it than I originally thought!

Author Rick Walton said: “If people really knew how much work it takes to be a successful writer, most people would never start.”

I must say that I am inclined to agree. Now, does this mean that I am giving up? Of course not! However, does it mean that I still have a lot to do?


I guess you could say that I am feeling a bit overwhelmed tonight, and wondering if it will ever really happen…if it does, great. If it doesn’t, it hasn’t happened yet, and I am still alive, right?

I think that I would be able to continually to survive this as well.

No more tonight…but thanks for reading.

All 8 of you.


annette said...

I guess I know what you're doing this summer. Keep hanging in there!

I am so proud of you. I can't wait to get a signed copy of my own! (Count on 5 books from our family- since everyone will want their own copy. That's a guarenteed $15.95 per book, or whatever your book costs retail, already. Ka-ching!)

Gerb said...

You keep writing, I'll keep reading. Deal?

Panama Jones said...

Most things cost more than we realize when we start down the road. Thank goodness we don't see the real cost or we would miss out on so much. Keep going!

Julie said...

I'm with gerb. As long as you are writing I will be reading. I'm glad you are keeping at it, because you have a talent. ("Go to the mattresses!")

Farscaper said...

My advice... (like I know what I'm talking about) go with a company like this:
get yourself "out there". Make your first book good but not your "masterpiece". Barnes and Noble say to have your publisher contact them to have your book distributed through their store. They are always looking for new titles.

I know too many people who spend their entire lives trying to make their first mark in a particular industry and they won't let their "baby" go until it's perfect.

I say.. make a decent book, get it out there, learn from it.. move on to a better one.

I've read a lot of garbage that got published. I've read your blog and you have a fun way with words. Have a few friends read your mostly done rough draft (don't say anything about the plot etc.. before giving it to them) see if they can follow the story line. Make a few tweaks and send it out into the universe and see what happens.

How can you learn to be a better writer if you're always rewriting the same story over and over?

Sorry if I sound rude. I don't mean to be. I've just seen too many people talk about "some day" and that day never comes.

Emily said...

So what more is left to do? I really have to read it now that you have hyped it up :) Are you in town? Are you busy? Give me a call .... deal? OK.

NY1596 said...

Don't give up. There's more than enough people who do that on a daily basis.

Ask yourself if your writing is really worth it, if it is then don't stop.

How many award-winning authors were rejected a billion times?

Kris said...

I for one know you can do have been doing it for years!

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